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What to Expect from the Installation and Maintenance of Your Integral Blinds

So, you have decided that you want integral blinds for your home, what next? This article shall explore the process that you will embark on when choosing integral blinds.  From the different styles available to the general maintenance that will be required once they are installed, this article will help you to understand what to expect.

Choosing Your Integral Blinds

When it comes to choosing your integral blinds there are a range of different styles, colours, and operation mechanisms to pick from.  Within the integral blinds range there are three types of blinds to choose from which all offer their own unique style: Venetian, Pleated and Pleated full blackout. Each design is suited to different aesthetic preferences so you should think about which style best fits the room that it will be installed in.

As well as being functional, integral blinds are also stylish and come in a range of colours, from staple neutral shades to more vibrant colours that can be ordered in advance. All colour options for integral blinds also have a percentage score to demonstrate how much they are solar reflecting, solar absorption, and light reflecting.

Next you will be tasked with deciding on the way that you will operate your integral blinds. Options include cord control, remote-controlled opening and closing, magnet controlled and solar controlled, therefore there is a choice to different preferences. The solar control option is highly popular among users that wish to reduce their carbon footprint and save time and money not replacing batteries.

Disposal of Old Windows

You may be wondering how to clear the glass fragments that have been from your old windows. However, as a customer, you do not need to worry about disposing of old blinds or windows as Morley Glass will remove the glass from your old windows and doors for you and recycle it.

Through teaming up with glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Glass, the company has created the ‘CRUSH’ machine which is a glass crushing machine which allows the glass recycling process to take place. As the name suggests, the machine crushes old glass into small fragments of cullet which allows it to be handed in bulk back to Saint-Gobain Glass, where it is recycled into a new pane of glass. In turn of supplying Saint-Gobain Glass with cullet’s, Morley Glass receives payment which is donated in its entirety to environmental endeavours throughout west Yorkshire.

The integral blind company also offers customers and old tradespeople to use their very own recycling service free of charge which prevents them from paying the cost of landfill taxes and skips.

Maintenance of Integral Blinds

As integral blinds are integrated within the glass there is minimal maintenance required.  While regular blinds require frequent cleaning to prevent the build-up of dust particles, integral blinds do not require cleaning as they are dust resistant. As well as assisting in keeping your room clean, integral blinds also minimise the spread of infections and are allergy friendly.

Now that you’re integral blinds are in place, regardless of the operation system that you have chosen you can adjust your blinds to suit the time of year and available sunlight. For example, In the winter months integral blinds can be fully opened to maximise the amount of light that will distribute throughout a room. Contrastingly, in the summer months you can operate integral blinds to be half or fully shut to reject sunlight coming into a room to create a comfortable room temperature.

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