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6 Most Interesting Uses of a VPN

Those who are really concerned about internet security should definitely consider using a VPN while at home and abroad. The internet was not designed for privacy protection, and hackers, technology firms, government agencies, and advertisers constantly threaten your privacy. As well as many restrictions on what you can do online, access to it is also severely limited. VPNs can help you circumvent many of these restrictions – that’s why you need it!

Thus, let’s discover some of its numerous advantages!

1)  Use VPN to Encrypt All of Your Data

Using a VPN server encrypts the data you send and receive over the internet. You cannot even be tracked by your internet service provider (i.e., your ISP). Furthermore, your ISP cannot intentionally slow down your connection while you are streaming or playing games.

Aside from this, encrypting your personal data on different websites you visit will prevent hackers from gaining access to it. For example, your password is encrypted. Cybercriminals can easily monitor your Wi-Fi connections when using a public network since these networks are easily accessed. By using a VPN, you will ensure that even if your data is stolen, it cannot be decrypted by anyone.

2)  Use VPN to Block Malicious Websites, Ads, and Trackers

With a VPN, you can be protected from cyber-attacks and prevent malicious websites from sending malware and crawlers to your computer without you knowing it. Additionally, some block both simple and pop-up ads, which offers you extra protection while allowing you to enjoy streaming platforms, like YouTube, without having to deal with annoying ads.

3)  Use VPN to Hide Your IP Address

Why is this so important? There are several reasons for this but, the most crucial is that IP addresses can be used to track your location, which can threaten your privacy, especially if combined with other personal information.

4)  Use VPN to bypass geographic restrictions

Another reason to use it is to bypass geographic restrictions on streaming content and to access streaming content that is blocked in your location. Many streaming services like Netflix and Hulu block content based on your location. A VPN can help you get around these restrictions and access the content you want to watch.

In addition, some websites and services are only available in certain parts of the world, since many countries have censorship laws that block certain websites from being accessed by their citizens.  A VPN can help you get around any geographical restrictions and access all the content you want.

5)  Use VPN for work-related stuff

Consider that you are an eshop developer, managing a website of a company that sells products around the world. So, here’s the example: Imagine that this e-store sells specific products to the United Kingdom, to India, to the United States, and so on -different products in each country. The entries for each country will only be visible to users from each location, so how can you determine if they are created correctly?

Simply by using a secure VPN!

By connecting to a VPN in the country that you want, you can check everything you have done, how they look, and whether they are working.

6)  Access your online bank account even from abroad

If you are frequently traveling, you may find that some banks restrict access to your account abroad for security reasons. It is usually automatic and cannot be avoided as it relies on the IP address of where you’re connecting from.

Traveling for a long period of time can make this very frustrating. In order to avoid this situation, connect to a VPN server from your country before accessing your bank account.

Furthermore, VPN helps secure your connection while doing so. Traveling often means you won’t have access to a secure network, thus VPN is a real savior in this case!

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