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Facebook lead capture software

There are lots of people who want to hear from your business but sometimes it can be difficult for the people to fill out the information form on mobile. So, you can lose your prospects. But don’t worry here the Facebook lead capture software helps you in your lead generation efforts.

If you are thinking of the best Facebook lead capturing software then it comes teleCRM app. It will help you to generate your lead generation through Facebook. The customer will get pre filled form with their, number, name, and email. Stick to this guideline we will tell you about how you can instantly engage with Facebook leads add.

What is TeleCRM?

TeleCRM is the best automation app with automatic lead capture software through Facebook. It can capture all your leads in one place. It also helps you connect your lead within a seconds, saving you precious time and energy. Importantly, it is helping you to get the result you deserve from Facebook capture lead

 TeleCRM software makes the lead generation process very easy. How? Let me tell you. 

You will get instant alerts of new leads right on your phone and can send personalized introduction messages from various portals like WhatsApp, email, or Facebook ads in just a few taps.

With their Facebook contact information people can find out the information which they want from your business, they just simply tap your ad or form that it’s already pre filled and then they directly send it to you and you can get a qualified lead for your business that allows building your business much more.

You won’t need to type, copy and paste or worry about making mistakes.

Capture Facebook lead ad by automatically teleCRM integration:

Frequently increase your conversation rate of leads or capture the direct response from a Facebook lead ad the teleCRM enables you to automatically follow up with a new lead and may yield a higher rate of conversation. Also gives you easy lead management

Furthermore, two important things create the best chance to lead your business.

  1. It gets better to Connect to your Facebook ad account to run ads directly from TeleCRM app.
  2. Automated scheduling of multiple follow ups at the same time.


  • TeleCRM a faster way to capture leads from your Facebook leads ad.
  • Your sales team can take immediate action.


  • Damage your business reputation if carried poorly. Give proper information to people about what they want.
  • If you don’t sanitize your follow ups list, it can be messy.

Just a few taps that can lead to great things:

If you want to get a qualified lead for your business, For this purpose, give to people what they want, if they will get information according to their desire you can build your business.

 Let’s have a look

Make the most of mobile: Make sure people can submit their information on a small screen with ease and quickly.

Ask the right question: Through Facebook lead capture software, firstly ask some important questions 

on your customize forms.

Integrate with your CRM: keep in mind newly generated leads to coordinate with your CRM here comes teleCRM if you keep your team running fast then the sales team can take immediate action.

Give people what they want: you can take many forms to lead from Facebook it can be in demos, quotes, or in the registration form, and many more.

Who should use Facebook capture leads software?

The Facebook platform can give benefit from lead ads. it can help you to ensure that the leads you generate through your Facebook lead ad with your efforts.

Sellers wanting higher conversation: For a higher rate of conversation, Facebook capture leads ad makes it quickly and easily for users to fill your forms and become a perfect leads. 

Companies Trying to Grow their Email list: make sure for lead generation it is important to increase signs up, this is the main purpose of Facebook to capture leads. This could focus on scheduling a meeting or sharing more information with the prospect.

Salespeople wanting to book meeting: you can easily take many forms of quotes, demo requests, and more through Facebook lead ads so a customer can easily sign up for them.


As for the great choice, the teleCRM app is the best facebook capture lead software. It is one of the simple and unified platforms.

 You can easily and quickly connect your leads through Facebook lead ads as well as save your valuable time. 

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