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Five ways you can earn extra money through your love of sport

The adage that you should make money doing something you love and never do things for free that you are good at probably rings true for sports fans. All of that talent, passion and knowledge built up over years of following and watching your favourite teams can be channelled and put to use by helping you to earn extra money on the side. But what’s the best way to do it?

Start an online channel

It’s never been easier to get a sports channel up and running thanks to the rise of social media. You could open a YouTube account and start posting in-depth tactical videos for the sport you love the most, such as football, rugby or cricket, or create a WordPress site and post regular news and blogs about a specific team or league. By monetising vlogs and blogs, you can start generating income and then branch out to other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to increase your reach and engagement.

Start betting on sports

Traditionally, sports enthusiasts have turned to betting to put their extensive knowledge to use on a regular basis and this is still a great way to earn a little extra income on the side at weekends or during major sporting events. Fortunately, punters have a plethora of options when it comes to online betting in the UK. By viewing the latest offers from new sites and established bookmakers, you can activate money back promotions, free bets and first deposit rewards to make your money go even further.

Start coaching sports

Maybe not as lucrative but looking to coach and inspire others at the grassroots level can be incredibly rewarding. While this might require more of a lifestyle change, you could start coaching youngsters at the weekend or for an hour after work with a view to obtaining coaching qualifications in the future. You will be surprised how many organisations and teams need support so why not reach out and enquire about how you can help. Coaching football part-time could evolve into something that generates more than just side income.

Start selling sports merchandise

Selling merchandise has become a major revenue stream for brands and creators in recent years. You could make some extra money by selling sports clothing or memorabilia, especially if it’s rare or vintage. This can be done online via your own store on eBay, or in person at stalls at markets or events.

Start streaming sports games

Live streaming is another form of entertainment that has surged in popularity. The top streamers on platforms like Twitch now earn millions of pounds per year, a staggering amount that is difficult for newcomers to match, but don’t let that deter you. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you could begin by streaming yourself playing the latest sports games or talking about the latest football news and analysing recent matches. Again, you can use social media profiles to attract new followers and boost your visibility.

There are plenty of ways you can use your passion for sport to earn more money. The most important thing is to act and start right now, either by placing a bet or creating a social media account.

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