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How to exchange Ripple to COTI?

At the moment, there are several thousand cryptocurrencies in the digital universe. Ripple is a peer-to-peer ecosystem with a differentiated registry, which unlike Bitcoin doesn’t use Blockchain technology. The Ripple is a classic design that allows the exchange of values within its borders without the availability of funds and third parties. This cryptocurrency performs multi-stage exchanges from one user to another. Currency of the Internet (COTI) — an online currency that aims to create a scalable decentralized payment network for global trade.

You can exchange ripple to coti in any online exchanger. Many offices provide good conditions for buying cryptocurrencies with maximum benefit.

What are the COTY and RIPPLE platforms?

COTI is a decentralized payment platform with the same token, allowing anyone to make instant payments with a near-zero commission. The platform operates on a unique distributed DAG registry, which has no blocks, unlike other cryptocurrencies working on the blockchain. This is the main feature of COTI that allows the platform to scale: the network has a large bandwidth of up to ten thousand transactions per second.

The main features of the COTI are:

  • almost zero commission for all users (both buyers and sellers);
  • the ability to make micropayments;
  • no network overload;
  • high throughput and instant payments;
  • network security;
  • support for cross-border payments.

Ripple is a commercial technology platform with its own cryptocurrency (XRP). The uniqueness of Ripple lies in the ability to perform any operations, especially with several currencies at the same time.

Among the advantages of the platform, users highlight the following:

  • the highest transaction speed;
  • high level of protection against hacker- and cyber- attacks;
  • ripple coins aren’t exposed to injection;
  • minimum transaction fee;

Both platforms are actively developing and have broad prospects for the future.

Exchanging XRP to COTI

If you want to exchange cryptocurrencies quickly, you need to go to the main page of the transaction and perform the following actions there:

  • select the coin you would like to exchange and the number of coins;
  • specify the cryptocurrency you want to buy;
  • write the wallet address for crediting coins;
  • deposit the amount to finish the exchange.

The service will offer you the most favorable offers for the cryptocurrencies exchange.

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