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Powered Template: Simplifying Presentations for Everyone

The act of sharing information and communicating efficiently with colleagues, clients, and peers has evolved many times since the emergence of Microsoft PowerPoint, and the rise of the internet. More recently, in the wake of Covid-19, the task of clearly communicating information to others has become more essential than ever before. 

Since the growth of the internet, Microsoft PowerPoint has ruled the roost as the world’s favourite presentation software, however, Google has created a formidable free competitor in its Slides platform. Elsewhere, Apple’s Keynote software has also been continually improving for users. 

Presentations have long been an effective way of sharing a wealth of important information with individuals in an engaging manner. But for many, creating visually striking, engaging visual content can be a challenge in itself. Many presenters aren’t graphic designers, and the effective use of colours, designs, and pagination aren’t a natural strength for them. 

Fortunately, one of the greatest perks of presentation software is the ability to utilise pre-designed templates. Powered Template is a huge resource of professionally created presentation templates that are compatible with the likes of Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides and Apple Keynote – they can also come with a range of different purposes and specialities. 

For many of us out there who can find it difficult to know where to start with a blank presentation screen, Powered Template may be a godsend. 

With this in mind, let’s take a deeper look at how Powered Template helps users to create engaging and resonant presentations without the stress of users having to build their content from scratch. 

Choosing from a Huge Range of Templates

Are you looking to create a company roadmap? Or perhaps you need to create a presentation specific to your industry, like real estate, legal, transportation, or construction? Maybe you’re looking to create a pitch deck for a VC. No matter the reason for your presentation, Powered Template offers a vast range of options to help get you started in the best possible way. 

Powered Template features a dynamic and intuitive menu bar which allows users to quickly find the type of presentation format, category, and slide volume that suits their needs. With over 25,000 PowerPoint templates and more than 1,000 themes for both Google Slides and Apple Keynote, the chances are that you’ll be well catered for in finding the right layout for your needs. 

The wide repertoire of presentation styles also covers the various forms of information that slides can convey. Users are capable of picking themes that feature pie charts, graphs, matrix charts, and tables that are easy to populate with data – allowing you to easily create engaging visuals that help to to share important information. 

Find Your Style with 100% Customisable Templates

The beauty of Powered Template downloads is that once you load the slides in your presentation software, you’re free to edit them in whatever way you like. This means that you can add your own branding, watermarks, diagrams, or personal touches however you see fit. 

At present, there are over 90,000 presentations available on Powered Template, and once downloaded, each selection can be edited as heavily or as subtle as the user would like. Though for free downloads, an attribution is generally required to remain on the template. 

Leading Customer Care

The quality of customer service offered by Powered Templates is second to none in the industry. As soon as you arrive on the website’s pages, you’re greeted with the option to start a live chat to speak to an agent on-hand to help with any queries that you may have. 

The website’s Contact Us section also features a range of helpful troubleshooting email addresses that are tailor suited to the type of query that you have – helping you to find the right member of staff in good time. 

Another great example of Powered Template’s excellent customer care comes in the form of its highly-flexible pricing structure. In the image above, we can see that users can buy subscriptions on a monthly, or annual basis. But for those who simply want to access slide templates on-demand, it’s possible to purchase 10 premium downloads which can be accessed at any point over the course of a year. 

Furthermore, Powered Template also has thousands of beautiful free to use templates that simply require accreditation on the template itself – meaning that no signup is necessary to gain access to a suitable template. 

The Beauty of Perpetual Optimisation

When you first take a look at Powered Template, it doesn’t take long to discover that the website is built on a vibrant community of slide creators who continually populate the platform with fresh ideas and eye-catching templates. 

When searching for templates, it’s possible to sort your results by ‘newest’ first – helping you to continually find fresh ideas to use in your next presentation. 

With new content cropping up on a daily basis, it’s little wonder that Powered Template is trusted by individuals and many Fortune 500 companies alike. With a steady stream of freshly optimised templates, you’re free to engage audiences and impress clients with new designs long into the future.

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