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Trending logo colors in 2022

A logo is essentially a company’s greeting card. It is the so-called “face” that can leave associations and impressions with potential customers. It is from this small aspect that your journey to market and engage your audience begins.

Functions of a logo

The logo plays a significant and almost the most key role in the life of the brand because it performs several important functions:

  • Attracting customers;
  • Creating associations with the services or products offered by your company;
  • Remembering you as the “savior” when the need for your services arises;
  • The element of attracting attention. So a bright and colorful logo will interest a potential visitor.

But this is not all functions, because the logo can sometimes even mean much more than the advertising you buy. A logo is a silent seller of your physical or virtual products.

Nevertheless, for it to perform so many functions, it is first and foremost important for the company owner to pick a really interesting and attractive color. For example, one of the trending colors of 2022 that we’re going to talk about today.

The importance of color in a logo

The power of color is truly impressive, which is why many designers spend a tremendous amount of time trying to find the best hues for their creations. The best colors for a logo are an extremely stretchy concept because you can’t call anyone’s shade the best. But there are still such shades that attract customers and which companies actively use. Such colors are trendy and important for everyone to know about.

Color factors in a logo

There is a huge variety of hues all around us, each of which is unique, emotive, and beautiful in its way. First, let’s remember a few factors:

  • Color can be light or heavy;
  • It can evoke genuine emotion and association;
  • It creates a clear and strong message for every person who looks at the logo.

With the above points, you can easily decide for yourself what kind of mood you want to convey through the gamut. The mood is an emotion. Emotions are associations. The logical chain can continue indefinitely, but the point is the same – with colors you make your label memorable and catchy, which is especially important.

Major logo colors in 2022

Let’s take a look at the list of the most popular colors of 2022 that are actively used in the design field. It is he who can help you in making a certain decision. We will start describing the hues from the beginning of the color spectrum to its end (that is, from warm to cool):

Dark Red

Logo by Design District

This variant is very powerful, sometimes provocative, overwhelming, and dominant. It is weakly externally oriented, so it is most often chosen for maximum powerful and sharp psychological impact.

Bright Red

Logo by Raja Talukder

This color is ideal for use in the logos of sports sections in running, athletics. It is lighter than the dark red, but it has some sharpness, heat, which perfectly encourages action. It is optimal for the entertainment business as well.


Logo by Manta_styles

Orange is directly related to pleasure, so it looks less provocative, although it is warm. In this case, it awakens the activity, but not for the achievement of sports records, but rather for the recovery of your own body, for bringing thoughts and feelings in order. Orange is also one of the most “appetizing” colors.


Logo by Babu Ahmed

Yellow is a joyful and open color, and this is the reason for its wide popularity. It is at the junction of warm and cold shades for a reason because neutrality is practically a classic in the fine arts!


Logo by Raja Talukder

Green is the color of life. Proof of this is the late spring, when everything around begins to come alive, to bloom. The emotional message is similar – color is perfect for logos of recreation institutions, parks, and other recovery and accumulation organizations.


Logo by Zack Guerra

Blue is a very good calming color, helps you focus on your thoughts, and is directly related to space and purity. Can be used in corporate styles of a large list of business areas.

Blue is a cold mind. The deepest and most inward-oriented color. It promotes analytical activities, which is why it is often used in private offices.


Logo by graphicstockbd

Purple is a moderate cold color, which has a sufficient amount of manifesting energy. It is most often chosen by entrepreneurs who are engaged in the development of creative spheres of activity. Its influence vector is rather directed toward the external environment.

Purple is our finalist, the end of the color spectrum. It can motivate a person – Purple is our finalist, the end of the color spectrum. It can motivate a person to active brainstorming, a manifestation of associative activity, so creativity is used no less often than purple.


As you can see, color in a logo is not just one of the elements of creating the “face” of the company, it is in the first place also the element by which the person passing by will look at it in principle. Without the right color of your logo, no one will see it, and therefore no one will know about your company, which will lead to a lack of customers. On the contrary, a properly chosen color will completely remedy the situation and bring your business to another level.

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