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Why Time Tracking Tools Are Important

Time tracking isn’t exactly something new. Businesses have used it in many different ways over the years, ranging from paper time sheets to punch cards – and now digital software.

In short, time tracking has always been important to businesses. Frankly its importance has only increased over time, especially as modern time tracking tools are more detailed and can play an key role in project management, budgeting, and more.

If you want to know exactly why time tracking tools are important, here are a few ways they will benefit your business:

  • Increase accountability

When employees know the time they spend working is being tracked, they tend to focus more on the tasks at hand. That is especially true if they’re given access to their own data in line with workplace monitoring ethics so they can see how their time is being spent and what they have to account for.

Sharing WorkExaminer’s data with your employees is really quite easy. The software will generate individual reports for employees on its own, allowing them to look at their activities at work, see how long they took to perform various tasks, and even check their own productivity score.

  • Prevent burnouts

Aside from making sure employees are putting in the right number of hours at work, time tracking can also help you to identify employees who are putting in too many hours. These employees may be at risk of burning out, which is something you definitely want to avoid.

The data from WorkExaminer will let you see at a glance whether employees are consistently working long hours. That way you can find ways to help them out – including identifying the reason for it and making sure it doesn’t happen again.

  • Manage teams more effectively

With time tracking you can see the amount of time different employees spend on certain tasks, and assign tasks to the employees who will handle it most efficiently. In some cases you may also be able to identify potential bottlenecks in the workflow of your teams and take action accordingly.

  • Make more accurate estimates

Time tracking will let you see how long employees spend on specific tasks, as well as how many work hours go into various projects. That data is essential as it will help you make more accurate estimates for deadlines as well as budget and pricing.

If you use WorkExaminer, the data that you can get is very detailed and perfect for making accurate estimates. Our employee worktime tracker will include not only how many hours were spent working, but also information how much of that time was spent active and how much was idle or used on social media, IM chats, and so on.

  • Create a documented record of working hours

Last but not least, the fact that time tracking will give you a documented record of your employees’ working hours is a benefit in and of itself. It can be used to show clients or investors why a project took as long as it did and exactly how time was spent on the project.

The reports that WorkExaminer generates will fill that role perfectly. At any time that you require it will provide a record of the working hours of specific employees, team members, or even all employees.

Seeing how time tracking tools are so important, it should be obvious why so many businesses nowadays are starting to use them to keep tabs on employees and monitor their PC’s remotely. The fact of the matter is that time tracking has an irreplaceable role to play and can help your business in many different ways.

If for any reason you aren’t currently using time tracking in any form, it is high time that you start. Nowadays there are so many easy ways to begin to track your employees’ working hours that it really doesn’t make sense to put it off for much longer.

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