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4 Reasons Why Choosing Tape Over Glue is Smart for Your Business

If you’re thinking about choosing tape over glue, then consider yourself halfway to creating a well-organized and productive business. It’s common knowledge that glue is messy and time-consuming, whereas tapes are straightforward and faster.

Tapes cut production time in half and save you a lot of time and money. However, we’ve shown you just how professional and effective it is to choose tape over the glue.

So, let’s jump right into these four reasons why it’s the smarter and obvious choice.

1. Efficient Production Process

Our first reason to use tape instead of glue is that it enhances production much faster. If you’re unsure about this, take a look at this list of examples:

●    Easy and Simple Handling

When it comes to efficiency, tape wins easily. It’s flexible, durable, and most importantly – simple. All you have to do is peel and stick. While the glue, on the other hand, is complicated to work with. It needs to be in a special container and requires you to use extra tools in order for it to work correctly.

●    Instant Use – Whenever, Wherever

Unlike tapes, glues need time to dry first in order to form a bond that’s strong enough to withstand fragile delivery and rough use. Tapes cut that time in half by giving you results instantly.

They’re easy to carry so you don’t have to worry about causing a mess unlike glues, which can easily create a mess if employees are not being careful. 

●    Quick and Clean

With tapes, you don’t have to worry about creating a mess by accidental spills or overflows. There’s also less time spent after cleanups.

If you have a business that needs to be on schedule, then using glues would be a disaster as you’d have to stop your production every time there’s a spill or overflow. For a quick and clean result, tapes are definitely the way to go.

●    No Training Required

Since tapes are so easy and fast to work with, you don’t have to spend precious time after training your employees allowing you to save valuable time!

2. Healthy Employees, Happy Employees

Besides improving your manufacturing rates, tapes can also help to boost your employee’s health and morale in the following ways:

●    Smoother Working Conditions

Seeing that tape is trouble-free to handle, your employees can look forward to stress-free glue applying tasks and have a smoother workday ahead of them. Gone are the days of wandering drips and accidental spills – your employees are better off joking about it on their breaks.

●    Environment Friendly for Your Employees

Solvents are required to keep glues in a constant liquid state. As the glue dries, the solvents evaporate leaving behind a vapor that’s harmful to the health.

Solvents are polluting waters, the quality of our air, and also our soil. Breathing in solvent-based adhesives can cause some serious health issues such as asthma, lung disease, and respiratory inflammation.

With tapes, most of the harmful elements are already flushed away when they’re made and long before it arrives at your business address. There’s no mess to clean up and this exempts your employees from further exposing themselves to chemicals that are present in cleaning supplies.

3. Improving Product Quality

If you’re wondering how tape can improve the quality of your products, well, here are a few ways discussed below: 

●    Consistency All the Way

Glues can leave behind unnecessary dried residues and uneven coats, while tapes offer consistent coverage. Not only that, but tapes can also help smooth out uneven, irregular, or rough surfaces.

●    More Durable

When it comes to durability, tapes offer way more than glues or any other fastening techniques.

For instance, glues form stress points and when tension is applied, all concentration is focused on these points. This causes the material to break away easily.

Meanwhile, tapes evenly spread out these tensions all across the surface of the area on which it bonded.

●    Sleek and Seamless Look

If you’ve wondered how touchscreens and smartphones stay intact, well, the answer is tape. Tapes deliver a surface-to-surface bond that’s indistinctly sleek, while glue bonds are distinct and visible.

4. Tapes Encourage Change

Contrary to popular belief, tape has frequently been the driving force behind amazing innovations. Just take a look at some of these fantastic examples:

●    Did Someone Say More Space?

Nowadays, tapes can be customized to be super thin, which can open up a lot of room for you to work with. That means you can add or improve the capability of your devices.

Or you have the option to make your product sleeker and thinner to make your customers happy.

●    Ability to Enhance or Block Light

Tapes made with reflective materials have the power to enhance LED performance. You won’t need to add extra LEDs, which will minimize creating more heat and needing more space.

Moreover, tapes can also create privacy screens that can block anyone from peeping over your device. This will be implemented on airplanes soon to give passengers a viewing experience without having to worry about anyone else seeing what they’re doing. 

●    Conducting Electricity and Heat

Circuit boards have become more flexible because of tapes. Every other day there is a large number of tapes being made that help to make products more efficient in transmitting electric signals and transferring heat.

●    Acting as a Shield

There are several applications that are essential for insulating certain components from electromagnetic interference, aka EMI, or heat.

Because of this, you might come across tapes being used as insulators to block EMIs from one computer to another. Tapes can act as shields to keep them from interfering with each other.

●    No More Tampered Seals

As much as we hate to admit it, there are certain people who enjoy going through other people’s packages. This can result in a very angry customer who will demand their money back.

To curb this problem, you can make good use of tapes which will show if someone has tampered with the goods before they’ve reached their destination.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, tapes are easily the best option for businesses whose aim is to provide quality products with efficiency and care. If you were doubtful at the beginning of this article, we’re pretty sure we’ve cleared them all away by now.

Let us know how you use tapes in your businesses and how it has helped you. Happy taping!

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