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Is Home Delivery of Vegetables Here To Stay?

How Covid May Have People Ordering Vegetables for Home Delivery Permanently

The COVID-19 pandemic may have permanently changed the way that we buy food. Home delivery services for fruits, vegetables and other grocery items has been around for decades. Many people with limited mobility, such as the elderly or differently-abled, have been taking advantage of these services for a long time. However, during the pandemic, these services became more widely used since people had to stay home as much as possible to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This article will discuss how some habits are changing regarding ordering fruits and vegetables for home delivery due to COVID-19. 

Beginning of the Pandemic

When the numbers of COVID-19 cases first began to rise, grocery stores had to adjust to a sharp rise in demand for home delivery services of vegetables, fruit and other food items. A service that had previously been very underused was suddenly necessary for a much higher percentage of the population to live out their lives safely. To meet this new need, many food delivery services and grocery stores had to evolve and expand their business in new directions. 

For some shops, this problem would be handled with existing staff by sectioning out their deliveries by areas or rotating time when people in certain neighbourhoods could get deliveries. This could work during the pandemic because everyone was working from home, and people could accept home delivery of vegetables almost any time of the day, any day of the week. 

Establishing Structures

Because the pandemic lasted for so long, more permanent home delivery structures for fruits and vegetables were put into place. Systems were incorporated into the structure of many grocery stores to handle a large number of online orders and provide enough human resources to pick out and bag the items purchased. 

These new systems made some permanent changes to the structure of shops that distribute produce. Many of them were able to hire extra workers and develop organisational systems that boost efficiency for home deliveries. Even as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are easing in many places, these systems remain in place today.

The Post-COVID

While we have yet to arrive in a fully post-COVID world, we are reaching a stage where our lives are returning to a more normal state. As this transition occurs, people do not necessarily need to order home delivery to get their fruits and vegetables. However, many providers and shops will continue offering services as long as demand remains high. 

The pandemic may have been just the nudge the people needed to start using existing services. It’s possible that following the pandemic, these services will still be more available and widely used because people are aware of them. It will be interesting to see what kinds of permanent effects the pandemic has had on how we buy groceries.

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