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Selling your home takes time. No matter how fast you’d like the process to go, there are always going to be delays and roadblocks slowing things down. However, whatever your reasons for wanting to sell your home quickly, there are steps you can take that will make everything go faster and more smoothly.

Here are some of the best ways to sell your property more quickly. Get these right and your home could sell a lot faster than you expected — meaning you get to move into your new home even quicker.


Your first step when selling a home is always to hire the right estate agent. There are plenty of estate agents to choose from, but it’s easy to make mistakes at this early stage. Take your time to do some research into local estate agents so that you make the best choice for you and your budget.

A good estate agent will do more than just add your property to their listings and take potential buyers for viewings. They’ll also make sure your listing is appealing, take professional photos of your property, and will know how to manage negotiations and offers. Always take the time to find the best estate agent for you and your property, and your house sale will be much more straightforward.


When you’re buying a house, you need a conveyancing solicitor to conduct property searches and ensure all of your legal documents are present and correct. What a lot of sellers overlook is that having a conveyancing solicitor working on your behalf when you’re selling is also a smart move. There’s always going to be a lot of legal paperwork involved when selling a property, so the sooner you have a conveyancing solicitor working for you the better.

It’s not enough to simply choose your nearest solicitor. Instead, you need to know how to find the best conveyancing solicitor. You might be surprised by how much they do for you, covering everything from obtaining title deeds and conducting ID checks to acting as the recipient of the house deposit. Your solicitor will have a lot to do, so the earlier you get yours involved, the faster your house sale will go.


If you want to sell a house faster, a more competitive price is one of the best ways to encourage a quick sale. If you set too high a price, you will limit buyers, and your home will be on the market for a lot longer. You may not even find a buyer at all.

Too high a price can even result in you making a loss. When prices are higher than they should be, buyers will be much more likely to haggle. That can lead to you losing out on a lot of money because the price doesn’t match your need for a faster sale. Your estate agent will manage this for you and let you know about other properties in the area and what kinds of prices they have sold for. The lower your price, the more people will be interested, and the chances of a faster sale will be much higher.


If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to make sure you present it well. You’re going to want potential buyers to walk through the property and be able to imagine themselves living there. So tidying up and decluttering is always a good idea. You should also consider removing any personal items like photos.

You might also want to move your furniture around. You may be used to taking a slight step to the left when you enter the living room to avoid the edge of the sofa, but buyers want a clear and unobstructed journey through your home. Store away anything that will distract your buyers, and make it as easy as possible for them to see themselves living in the property.


It’s a fact that buyers will make a decision on a property within a few seconds of seeing it for the first time. That’s why estate agents will eternally talk about the importance of kerb appeal. That first impression is vital to get right, especially if you want to sell quickly. So as well as decluttering and tidying your interiors, you should also take the time to get your home’s exterior looking as good as possible.

Paint your front door, add some flowers to your lawn, and give your windows a good clean. If there’s any broken garden furniture, either remove or repair it. Finally, give all of your plants and your lawn some TLC, and generally make that first impression as positive as you possibly can.


All buyers are looking for a bargain, so don’t be afraid to make some additional offers if buyers are procrastinating. You have lots of options, with everything from offering to pay some of the exchange and completion costs to providing plenty of freshly cut keys to the property. Your estate agent can help you decide which kinds of offers will suit you the most.

It’s a good idea to think outside of the box for this one. Take the time to think about what you would have liked when buying your first home. While not every idea will be enticing enough to speed up a sale, the right offer to the right people at the right time could accelerate a sale dramatically.


It can certainly be a stressful time, but selling a home on a tighter schedule doesn’t have to be impossible. No matter the reasons for wanting a faster sale, there will always be things you can do to make that sale go quicker.

While some of these tips will require spending some money, a lack of budget isn’t going to limit you too much. The most important thing to remember is that your estate agent and your solicitor will be the key to selling your home quickly. Get them on your side early and you’ll find that even without using any of the other tips on this list, your house sale will be much faster.

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