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Top Tips for Packaging Your Goods Ready for Delivery

When sending a parcel for delivery many people will often feel unsure as to the best way to package this. For any sender, ensuring a parcel is delivered safely and securely is paramount. To ensure a safe delivery, courier services recommend packaging your parcel in such a way that will protect the contents from damage. As such, here’s a few handy top tips to ensure your parcel arrives safely and in the best possible condition. 

Use the correct packaging materials

One common mistake many courier drivers will encounter is a parcel being packaged using the wrong materials. Often this means the sender has packaged their parcel in a box, envelope or bag that is too big or too small and is not suitable for protecting the goods from damage.

When packing a parcel, you should ensure the goods you are sending sit snug inside the packaging materials, making sure the box, Jiffy bag or delivery envelope is the right size. You can then protect your contents with additional materials such as tape, packaging peanuts or polystyrene chips, shredded paper or bubble wrap. 

Always label your items correctly 

As much as physically securing your goods is important, so is labelling your package. By getting your labelling right you can be sure your goods will be delivered to the correct address, safely. 

The label of your parcel should be clearly visible for your courier provider to read all the address and parcel information. Nothing should be covering the label and this should be written or printed as clearly as possible. 

If you are sending your parcel overseas, it is best to check with your courier service or government site to ensure all customs details are correct.

Secure your parcel 

If you have any gaps or spaces within your parcel, be sure to fill this space so the contents do not get broken or damaged. Additionally, if you notice a hole or tear in your packaging, be sure to cover this with secure tape or switch to more secure packaging. 

Remember, your parcel may be embarking on a long journey, so the more secure the contents of your package are, the more likely it is that you will avoid any damage or loss of goods. 

Avoid using delicate packaging materials 

Although many businesses enjoy packaging their products neatly in pretty packaging, this can often result in the products being damaged. Since materials like delicate cloth and tissue paper can be so easily torn, ripped or destroyed, it is best to avoid these where you can. 

If you are ever unsure about how to package your goods for delivery, particularly if this is a delicate, high value or large product, always speak with your courier service provider for best practice tips and advice.

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