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Top Tips to Visit London on a Budget

The truth is that many people from all over the world often overlook London as a holiday destination. This is not because people don’t want to come to London, but rather because they think that they can’t afford too. After all the strength of the pound speaks for itself.

 There are actually many fantastic ways to cut down the costs of your trip to Victoria, London. For example, there are tons of budget hotels in London Victoria. Places like the Sidney Hotel offer bed and breakfast plus it is situated near London Victoria station. There are plenty of workarounds to actually budget and make London an affordable but dream vacation.

 While there are too many tips to mention, here are just a few:

 1. Find airline discounts

 One of the biggest things that you can save on, is airline tickets. Not only can you shop around for the best deals possible, but you can also opt to fly off season. This is going to end up saving you tons of money. 

Plus, London is actually extremely special during the winter months too. If you are able to find a budget hotel near London Victoria, you will be right near the London Victoria station. You will be able to get around very easily and economically.

 2. Make sure breakfast is included

When you are looking for a hotel around London, consider a budget hotel instead. There are plenty of quality places that will be more than adequate for you to be safe and get a good night’s rest. The truth is when you are in London you should be spending more time exploring than sitting in your hotel room.

In addition, a top trick is always to choose a bed and breakfast option that includes breakfast. This doesn’t have to be a fancy breakfast just something to eat in the morning with a good cup of coffee. You have no idea how much money this will end up saving you.

3. Save on food

This may sound crazy, but there are tons of delicious sandwiches all around London. The prices are very economical and they sell them at almost every street corner. Not only are these delicious and different to what you usually eat, but they are super economical. If you feel like a snack or a light lunch, consider trying some sandwiches.

Instead of sitting down at expensive places to eat, rather try all different foods at the markets. There are tons of markets and you can literally try something different every single day.

4.Visit free museums

Many people don’t know this, but there are plenty of free museums in London. Not only are there free museums but there are also open nights. All of this can be done and experienced without even spending anything. Who would have thought there are literally hours of free entertainment available in London?

5. Loyalty cards and deals

There are plenty of deals, apps and vouchers that you can obtain. There are cards that you can buy that will save you money for transport and entrance to some of the best sights and places in London. The good news is that these things do exist because everyone knows how expensive London can be.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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