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Top Trendy Watches in 2022

The watch market continues to move at a breakneck speed, whether you’re a newcomer to the passion or a seasoned pro looking for the most outstanding 2022 watch trends. It’s all about picking a watch that suits you and your personality, whether it’s one of the most outstanding digital watches of some kind with more elegant stylings.

Given how confusing it is to handle the watch world, it’ll be good to look through our carefully selected guide to find the most extraordinary, most on-trend watches to wear in 2022 and beyond.

Heavy bimetal

This year, more brands are becoming equivalent once more. However, bi-metallic watches are again back in trend. Two-tone patterns were popular in the 1980s but fell out of favor in succeeding decades due to a slight hint of substandard. These watches also have a solid corporate-office look, which isn’t always a terrible aspect.

But its demand is back again this year, not just because David Beckham has proved that it is worn with anything from a t-shirt to a suit. Tudor also adopted this style, and now its name is more associated with rugged outdoorsy watches. So, prepare yourself with contrast collar shirts because bi-metallic watches are back for you in trend.

All Black Style

Black color is always associated with class and style. The simplest yet most elegant type of watch is all black. Due to this reason, the all-black watch’s hype is increasing as it delivers a classy look. These simple and elegant watches are now in trend. People prefer watches with a simple black strap and black dial. It is because they look stunning.

Shades of Grey

To emphasize the historical influences, most brands would place the highly classic features on the dial against a white background. While grey may not appear to be the most fascinating of color trends, in the right hands, it can offer a watch a subtle personality change, making dress designs less bleak and lending day wearers a touch of more elegance.

The color has an entirely different look and style. On the other hand, the storm-cloud colouring adds a sense of sophistication, keeping it from being too traditional; the addition that its grey is just a plus.

Going green

Blue dials were popular for an extended period. They controlled the color wheel in the watch industry. However, this is not the scenario anymore. This style is gradually fading, making way for the new trend of green dials. Many designers have used the color green all across the world. It gives your look an uplift that shows elegance and a stylish look to your overall personality. It’s not an easy color to wear, but anyone can pull it off with the right outfit.

The Quartz Watches

Quartz watches have had a great deal of success in popularity in recent years. You can choose a mid-table brand like Maurice Lacroix or Junghans. You’ll find sturdy, well-designed watches that are still a few degrees less expensive than most mechanical timepieces; they’re also attractive.

The current generation is discarding the poor build quality of its predecessors in favor of something more glamorous, which was once looked down on by watch elitists as lacking craftsmanship.


The next watch on the list is the smartwatch. It has gained its popularity because, along with being classy, it serves many purposes more than just telling you the time and date. The gym and sports lovers usually demand it. You can pair this watch with a dressy and trendy outfit, ‘s Casual wear and athleisure or sportswear.

Silver Bands Watches

The following style of watch that is in trend now is silver band watches. If you are someone who loves chains, then this is the perfect watch for you. These watches give a subtle yet charming look. These are mainly in trend among women. But lately, it has also gained attention in the overall watch industry. However, this style is not limited to women only. It is in silver color and has a contrasting dial. It hugs your hand and screams class. It is versatile as it can go with any outfit.


Like the ticking of a clock or that timepiece on your wrist, you watch trends come and go. While many watchmakers continue to push the edge in terms of materials and design, few go as far as Tudor does. It’s mostly about selecting a watch that suits you and your taste, whether it’s one of the most excellent digital watches somewhere with a more elegant flair that gives you a look you desire.

The Nordgreen collection is precisely what you need when keeping up with the latest trends. For your convenience, we’ve listed the best of the above.

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