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What is a sex crimes lawyer and why you might need one?

You might be wondering what a sex crime lawyer does. What kind of cases do they handle, and why would you possibly need one? Tag along as we enlighten you about what sex crime lawyers are and why you would possibly need one.

We often hear about the severity of sexual cases across the globe. World Population Review created a statistical review about sexual cases; according to them, the United States alone reaches about 27.31 rates, or 84,767 incidents of sexual cases reported. However, there are instances in which the reported incidents have false accusations. That is where a sex crime lawyer comes in. Sex crime lawyers represent clients wrongfully charged with coerced or illegal sexual conduct. If convicted, defendants face severe penalties such as imprisonment, significant fines, and being registered as sex offenders. Since a conviction can be seen in your records and can follow you for the rest of your life, mounting an effective defense is critical. Some of the standard charges a sex crime lawyer defends include rape, sexual assault, child molestation, internet sex crimes, and human trafficking. These cases, specifical rape, are severe and most likely private incidents where the plaintiff’s statement goes against the word of the defendant. However, nowadays, we use medical records and procedures to strengthen the plaintiff’s argument.

So, why might you need a sex crime lawyer? Since sexual crimes and incidents mostly happen in private, getting yourself, a good sex crime lawyer will help you prove your innocence and avoid the severe penalties that you might face once you are convicted. Once you are accused of a sexual crime, and you know that there is no way that you have committed the crime being charged to you, here’s what you can do.

·      Understand the severity of the accusation

Although you are being wrongfully accused of a crime, it is still severe. There are instances in which people who are being wrongfully accused of sex crimes end up behind bars with a permanent mark on their record. Understanding the severity of the accusation will allow you to strategize your actions and prepare yourself for the process of proving your innocence to the court.

·      Refrain from giving statements

You’ll face many questions once you are accused of a sex crime or any other crime. It is safe to refrain from giving statements or telling your legal action plans to anyone. Keep in mind that you are facing a serious accusation, and people can easily share all your words and legal actions with the plaintiff and their legal team, and they can use them against you.

·      Craft an Account of Evidence

Since a sex crime is mainly done in private, the person who accused you of a sex crime will tell a story of how the incident happened, and you need one too. Your story must explain what happened, it might be contradictory to the statement given by the plaintiff, and that is where you will present your account of evidence to prove your side of the story. Your version of evidence can contain camera footage, your alibi, your work schedule, and other relevant details that will help you prove your innocence against the crime being charged against you. Don’t forget to write down an accurate account of the events described in the allegations against you. Your account of evidence will help serve as your document to ensure you do not miss anything and that your attorney has the whole story to work with when building your defense. Additionally, it will record what happened and prevent you from forgetting details that could become important later.

·      Find a skilled sex crime lawyer

Above anything else, when you are being wrongfully accused of a sex crime, you must get a skilled sex crime lawyer on your team. Sex crimes can often be missed and misunderstood by those attorneys who claim that they are sex crime lawyers and handle sex assault cases. The laws for sexual assault crimes can be confusing and are unique from the others. Having a skilled sex crime lawyer on your side will make a significant difference in your case.

Nicole Blank Becker is a skilled sex crime lawyer. She has become knowledgeable of the intricate and applicable law for sex crime charges, but she also knows about running circles around the competition. Atty. Becker is a former Chief of the Sex Crime & Child Abuse Unit, making her credible to handle every sexual assault case by her desk. She was also responsible for teaching others (police, prosecutors, and criminal defense attorneys) how to handle sex-related issues properly and has over 20+ years of experience fighting for Justice.

Atty. Becker is not only a Michigan sex crime defense lawyer practicing criminal defense, but she has also practiced in several other states. Having her on your team would make a significant difference in your stand.

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Sam Allcock
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