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5 Google Ads Management Tricks That Will Maximize Your Conversions

There is no doubt that using Google Ads will provide a decent amount of revenue, but the sky is the limit if you know a few advanced tricks. The latest targeting abilities of Google Ads management can make a significant difference to your campaign. Top agencies such as know what it takes to get the most out of your PPC campaign. Here are a few tips from Zoma that you can keep in mind to utilize Google Ads to its fullest:

1. Focus on disqualifying leads

Did the words “disqualifying leads” startle you? Not to worry! According to Pareto’s principle, 80% of your company’s business may come from 20% of the leads. Using Google Ads management is necessary to find the cream leads that belong to the 20% category and disqualify 80% of the rest of the unfruitful leads.

But how do you make Google Ads work in your favor? Here’s a trick that you can follow: suppose you want to promote upscale men’s accessories. In that case, you can run an ad that says, “men’s accessories.” This will make the keyword too generic. Moreover, you will be specifically targeting men who can afford luxurious items. Instead, you can run the ad by saying, “men’s designer accessories.” That will disqualify the men who are indeed looking for generic accessories or affordable accessories. This will eliminate the people who would most likely not convert into customers.

2. Run display network ads

LinkedIn can become your best friend if you have a B2B company. Why? Because LinkedIn allows you to run your Google Display Network ads on the site. In fact, you can end up saving significantly if you run the same ads on Google, in addition to LinkedIn. Most marketers will recommend targeting your Google Display ads on LinkedIn. That’s an easy-to-achieve task. What they may not tell you is to run the same ads on Google.

The trick is to create a well-planned Placement Targeted Ad Group. Once you create that group, you can mention your LinkedIn profile as your specific target. This means you are creating a link between the ads on Google and LinkedIn. As a result, it opens an additional door to maximize your conversions.

3. Don’t make the home page your landing page

A few marketers may think that it’s a good idea to make the home page your landing page. Honestly, it’s not a good idea because the home page doesn’t necessarily target a specific market segment. For example, if you provide home cleaning services and have different categories of services, such as floor cleaning, vent cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and chimney cleaning, you would want to target your audience according to the service they need. If you make your landing page the same as your home page, then your audience will click on the ad link thinking that they will visit the service page. Unfortunately, they will land up on the home page. This may create a bad first impression because the audience would have to find the respective service and then click on it to find out more information about it.

Moreover, your Quality Score on Google will also dip if the landing page is not relevant to your ad. This would push your ad down in the SERP. Quality Score is a crucial metric of Google AdWords management. The main aim is to score higher and not let the rank go down in the search engine results pages.

4. Implement geo-targeting

Suppose your product or service is for a specific group of people. In that case, you can use geo-targeting to filter your ads for a specific geographic location where you think your products or services will work the best. For example, South Dakota doesn’t have popular fishing spots. Therefore, there wouldn’t be a high demand for saltwater fishing accessories. If your company sells saltwater fishing products, then you should focus on the states that are close to the Gulf of Mexico.

But how will you filter your ad according to a specific location? It’s simple. Start bidding negative amounts for the regions that won’t have a good response to your ad. That would automatically push your ad down and it won’t appear to the people who live in South Dakota.

5. Mention the primary keyword in the display URL

It’s somehow quite common among people to not include the primary keyword in the display URL. Including the primary keyword in your display URL makes the ad more relevant to the respective keyword. The latest technology allows you to create any type of URL you want for different landing pages. Make the most of that facility if you want to maximize your conversions and improve your PPC ad campaign’s performance.

Tweaking a few things can help you manage your Google Ads much better. All you have to do is observe the things that are not working for your ads and find out ways to bypass those hurdles and manage your Google Ads easily.

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