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Best Ways to Organize Your Move

Moving to a new place is always exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. The only way to keep things in perspective is to organize every step. Doing so can prevent you from feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Organizing your move is a hefty task, especially if you have a car to transport. Below are some of the best ways to organize your upcoming move.

Research Car Shippers in Your Area

Doing your homework can give you a shortlist of the most reliable car shipping companies and home movers near your current home. Your search can begin online. See if the shippers and movers can meet your schedule. Check their business histories. Read customer reviews and see how the companies resolve any problems. More experienced companies will be worth your time and money even if it means paying a little more. 

Credible home movers should visit your current home. Their quotes will depend on the size of the move and other specifications you may need. Having a clear breakdown of the moving costs can give you a good estimate for your moving budget. From here, you can plan the succeeding days before moving day. 

Prepare Early

Starting your moving tasks weeks or even months before moving day is ideal. This can help eliminate your stress and anxiety. Purging can start about two to four weeks before you start packing. Doing this one room at a time can prevent forgetting things. It will be easier to fill the moving boxes once you remove the unwanted items. Packing should start five to seven days before the big day. This will keep you from living out of your moving boxes for weeks. 

Keep Things in Order

Keeping things organized in your present home can make your move easier. It can save you time and effort. Place the things under your sink in a bin. Put your toiletries and grooming supplies in separate drawer inserts. Pack your shoes in individual bags before putting them in the bin or box. These helpful tips can make unpacking and reorganizing faster when you arrive in your new home. 

Knowing the dimensions of the storage areas in your new home can help you get the right-sized containers that can double as storage units. Labeling them can guide the movers to put them in the right rooms of the new house. All you need to do is remove the lids. Then, insert them in their corresponding spaces. 

Be Thorough While Decluttering

Accumulating many things is natural when you stay in one place for a time. That is why decluttering is important before moving. Doing this can help lighten the moving boxes on moving day. Declutter one room at a time. This can help you focus on the room alone. Check every space. 

Choose the items you can exclude from the moving boxes. The unwanted items may go to charity or your garage sale. Selling some of your belongings can add to your moving budget. Decluttering can reduce your moving costs as well. 

Pack Belongings by Room

You can do this right after decluttering. Get one or two moving boxes for each room. This can prevent over-stuffing one box with items. Avoid placing items from other areas of the house. That way, the moving people can unload the boxes faster. You can then unpack more easily. 

Document Items

Photograph your items. Doing so can help you keep track of them. This is important for placing moving insurance claims in case of loss or damage. Taking a video of your electronics can help you figure out how to assemble the connections again. This form of documentation can also help make your car shipping less complicated in case you place a claim. 

This is important when packing your expensive belongings as well. Having electronic copies of your important documents can prevent you from traveling back to your city to get them again. You can upload these to the cloud for future reference. That way, you can just download each when you need to. 

Prepare Your Vehicle

It is important to remove unnecessary items from your car before the shippers arrive. This can reduce the weight of your vehicle and lower the costs of your transport. It can also prevent unnecessary damage to your car’s interiors. Taking off the removable accessories outside your vehicle can prevent their loss or damage. Placing a small amount of fuel in your car will be enough to let the shipper move your car on and off the transport truck. 

Label Boxes, Folders, and Envelopes

This is a good way to secure your belongings. List down the labeled boxes and their contents. Labeled boxes, folders, and envelopes can prevent you from rummaging through each moving box to find one or two items. It can save you time and effort. You can avoid unnecessary frustration on moving day as well. 

Select the Right Moving Boxes 

It can be tempting to go to the neighborhood grocery store to ask for some free boxes. This may not be a good idea. The boxes you get may have holes or wear spots due to insect infestation and exposure to the elements. Using them may cost you when moving day arrives. Your items may fall through the bottom. They may even lead to damage to your belongings during transit.

Purchasing proper moving boxes can help secure your belongings better. These boxes may cost you more, but they are designed to withstand the elements and minor trauma. You can be sure to have your belongings intact by the time they arrive in your new home. Just remember not to overfill them. This will prevent your items from damaging each other during the move. 

Discontinue Services in Advance

These include credit card companies, banks, cable, gas, water, and electricity. Letting these companies know that you will be discontinuing your subscriptions can make the transition smoother. This will give the companies time to transfer your subscription to your new address. It often takes one to two weeks to do this. Your arrival at your new home will be smoother if you already have your utilities running by then.

An Organized Move Is a Stress-free Move

Keeping things in order can be challenging when you are busy. Even so, it is important to keep things in perspective. Doing so can help you finish tasks according to schedule. Planning ahead and starting early will allow you to cover everything that you need to do. You can then prevent headaches. You could even prevent financial losses during the huge move. 

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