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Celebrities push cryptocurrencies, but their fans carry all the risk

It is a new age of cryptocurrencies, and celebrities don’t miss a chance to promote the influence of such digital assets. In the very recent crypto advertisement, Matt Damon can be seen walking through a white & pristine hallway where he talks about what can make anyone brave enough in life. He mentioned some examples and pioneers of being brave, climbing mount Everest is brave, the Wright Brothers were also brave, and so were the sea divers. Hence all these adventures, as well as entrepreneurs, are brave enough for just one reason that you and I need to know. This reason is that all these individuals are brave enough to embrace the moment that they live in and commit to their goals without being swayed by anything else in their goals. Also, some business magazines are mentioning that cryptocurrency has its advantages and disadvantages .

Being Brave 

Matt Damon says in the newest advertisement that Fortune favours only those who are brave enough. However, it needs to be noted that Matt Damon is not the only prominent and mainstream celebrity who has been promoting cryptocurrency. Rather there are other celebrities also in the line to promote the services of such cryptocurrency platforms.

The newest name that has been featured in the list is Tom Brady, who is currently serving as the main spokesperson for FTX, which is yet another crypto platform and tends to deliver services to its increasing base of users around the world. Also, aside from Tom Brady & Matt Damon, there are other mainstream celebrities that had been hawking the benefits of having cryptocurrency. The well-established TikTok fame, Charlie D’Amelio, is the next in line and has partnered with yet another prominent platform that goes by the name “Gemini.” Now, the list will go on and on, just because the prominence of the cryptocurrency is pervasive and contagious.

Kim Kardashian also pushed a crypto platform that is not yet as famous as its counterparts, but she recently tried to sell the services of EthereumMax. She currently has 276 million followers on Instagram, and she took to this social networking site to promote EthereumMax. Now, you can see these ever-expanding crypto ads almost everywhere you go, and it has become so hard to evade or ignore such ads because they are being shoved down your throats. Considering the level of prominence that cryptocurrency has gained over the years, even Facebook decided to reverse its ban on cryptocurrency. 

The look forward 

Now to make things even more, both of these cryptocurrency platforms mentioned above, i.e., as well as FTX, were also given the time duration at the time of this year’s Super Bowl. The broadcast featured the ads, and a whopping $6.5 million were spent just to be able to get 30 seconds screening during the event. That’s how much the prominence of cryptocurrency has gone. The recent estimates of the money spent on promoting the cryptocurrency were released by the Wall Street Journal. Matt Damon’s ad for has been running for at least quite some time now, which only gives the idea that being brave is the only choice. 

The thought behind the ad makes sense as well because entering into the crypto industry is no child’s play, considering the level of volatility that platform is usually known for. Also, the decentralized and unregulated characteristics of the platform are yet another important facet to look out for, which is usually overlooked by thousands of new entrants. The average investor has to be more careful this time around while making any decision regarding the crypto industry. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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