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The Champions League remains in the hands of Bernhard Burgener

With modesty and willpower Bernhard Burgener makes it to the top

The successful entrepreneur Bernhard Burgener is known for his modesty and ability to remain in the background rather than appearing on red carpet events.

Burgener would rather sit in his living room and watch a movie with his family instead of appearing in large venues.

The chairman and delegate of  Highlight Communications AG and former president of FC Basel prefers life outside of the spotlight. Despite his success as a businessman, the media mogul has never been driven by the desire for money.

In 1993 he made millions with a video rental business.

He was named Chairman of the Board of Directors and in 1999 Highlight Communications went public.

In 2008, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of EM Sport Media AG. Nevertheless, he confessed in an honest interview with Weltwoche: “Money has never been my motivation, I was born under a lucky star.”

While he rose to great heights in his career, he faced tremendous setbacks in his private life.

Bernhard Burgener: as fate caught up

A series of tragic events occurred to the Burgener family in the 1990s.

Burgener’s father, who had just retired, suffered a heart attack in his sleep.

Shortly after, Bernhard’s sister (27 years old) suffered a stroke on a ski slope and has been paralyzed on one side since then. From one day to the next, his and his family’s life completely changed. His mother gave up her job to devote her whole attention to her daughter.

That is until the next disaster occurs.

In 1995, Burgener’s mother was walking with a friend when suddenly a motorcyclist hit the two women. His mother died on the spot.

In 2011, during a dinner in Los Angeles, Bernhard Burgener was joined by his longtime companion, friend, and business partner Bernd Eichinger. Suddenly, the well-known German film producer collapsed at the table, succumbing to a heart attack.

Bernhard Burgener’s passion becomes his profession with FC Basel’s takeover

The tragic events of Burgener’s life have not diminished his faith in a better future, and despite all of this, he refuses to give up.

Burgener’s first association with FC Basel began in the 1990s. In 1994, he was on the club’s board of directors with Swiss soccer legend, Karli Odermatt.

The FCB was promoted to the highest Swiss league andFCB won eight championships before Burgener takes over.

In 2017, Burgener became president of FC Basel and for the first time in two years, FCB lifted the trophy Cup aloft again in 2019.

On May 11, 2021, the president of FC Basel Holding AG, Bernhard Burgener announced that he would transfer the ownership to board member, David Degen.

Team Marketing retains UEFA rights

In spite of numerous personal setbacks, Bernhard Burgener remains dedicated to pursuing his media career. Whether as the owner of FC Basel or as a contender to obtain the marketing rights for the UEFA Champions League, he always makes headlines.

Burgener’s Highlight Communications Group (via its subsidiary TEAM Marketing AG) markets, among other things, the TV rights to Europe’s premier league. However, UEFA has put the Champions League marketing out to bid for the first time in decades.

Once again, TEAM Marketing, based in Lucerne, came out on top. TEAM won global marketing of media, sponsorship, and licensing rights for the new UEFA club competitions 2024-27. It was announced last February by the European Football Association.

Marketing rights (except for media rights in the USA) include both the UEFA Champions League and other formats such as:

UEFA-Super Cup

UEFA Europe League

UEFA Europe Conference League

UEFA Youth League and

UEFA Futsal Champions League Finals

TEAM, a subsidiary of Highlight Communications AG, has been UEFA’s marketing partner for 30 years.                                                                                                            

Listed on the German Stock Exchange, Highlight Communications AG has its headquarters in Pratteln, close to Basel. It comprises of the operating segments of Film, Sports- and Event-Marketing. Highlight holds a 100% stake in Constantin Film AG and a 100% stake in Sport 1 Medien AG.                                                                                                    

How to live a meaningful life according to Bernhard Burgener

Burgener has learned that his family is his true happiness in life. His relationship with his wife and children is of utmost importance to him.                                                                                      As a result, he continues to devote as much time as possible to his family. In a former interview with “Handelszeitung,” Burgener said he turned down an invitation with Hollywood star Nicole Kidman because he would rather spend time with his family.                                                                                            

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