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Commercial Uses for Artificial Grass

Authentic, durable, and easy to clean and maintain, it’s no surprise that artificial grass has grown in popularity over the past few years. Aside from retaining that neat look of a freshly mowed lawn in your outdoor space, it also frees up time that would have been spent on cutting and upkeep, allowing those who make the switch to spend more time enjoying their garden in the first place.

It’s not just individual homes and apartments that are making use of artificial turf, however, and there are an increasing number of commercial ventures making the most of its benefits over traditional grass.

Interested to learn more about the potential commercial uses and benefits of artificial grass? Here’s a quick look at three different examples of how it might be used.

Exhibition Spaces

Businesses looking to add a unique and memorable twist to their exhibition space set up (at corporate events, fairs, shopping centres etc.) often opt for artificial grass ranges where relevant.

Not only can premium ranges handle the high traffic and footfall seen at these sorts of events, but they’re easy to roll out and install in a pinch, making them a great choice for those needing to set up their area in a short space of time. Pet-friendly artificial grass ranges also mean that businesses don’t need to worry about pets running around damaging their installation.

Rooftop Bars and Event Areas

You might have already seen this use in popular bars and restaurants across city centres, and it can be a great way to enhance a theme for corporate event hire, too. Provided that you select the right style, grass is comfortable and bounces back into shape, making for an excellent finishing touch when trying to impress in a luxury mezzanine or balcony area.

Worried about adverse weather conditions causing trouble to your businesses’ rooftop area? Built-in UV protection guarantees with good quality artificial grass products (from suppliers such as Grass Warehouse) mean that they will keep their vibrant colour long term and can be easily dried following rain – or wiped-clean in the event of food and drink spillages.

Modern Office Renovation

Different styles and thicknesses of fake grass often make for popular feature pieces and elements in new offices. The materials are also quite adaptable, meaning you can get creative if wanting to make a statement with your office’s interior. Wall art installations and indoor walkways are just some of the things you can do with this modern solution.

For something even more exotic and exciting, coloured artificial grass styles are also available, allowing brands to make a specific statement while maintaining durability and comfort during day-to-day activity.

Letting out a rental property to tenants? Opting for an artificial lawn can be a great way to minimise regular maintenance, and a way to impress potential tenants that you’re looking to attract. In the long term, you can also potentially save money on pesticides and chemicals you would have previously used in the garden. Again, opting for a higher-end range will ensure that you achieve a premium level of comfort.

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