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Five Best Math Tools for Students

Mathematics is always the obsession of many people, whether in study or for work. Pocket computers are a great tool that can help students solve math calculations quickly. Maybe you don’t have any idea, but many developers released online automated calculation tools like slope equation calculator free tools. Using online digital tools like slope calculator gadgets can easily determine the slope-related problems’ solutions. In this article, we are going to mention the top five tools for the students and teachers also.

Five Best Mathematics Tools For Students:

Below is a list of the top five online calculation tools for you to use in your work and daily learning. Most of them can also be used as the slope formula calculator.

Mathway is an online advanced mathematical tool that can help students & teachers. This online tool is the best for solving math problems related to trigonometry, algebra, matrics, slope, exponents, and many more. The tool’s free version only shows the answer to the math problem, but the premium version of the tool shows the step-wise solution to that problem. The best part is that this app is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. In addition to it, this app is highly recommended to students struggling in solving math problems. You can also use this app as a slope finder tool that find the slope of the line by using the slope and a point.

CameraMath – Homework Help

Cameramath is an advanced mathematical tool, a photo bases tool available online. To use this tool, you are required to capture a picture of the question you want to solve. After it, the next step would be to crop the image to the relevant question and hit the button solve. Once you are done with this process, the app will use the artificial intelligence feature to extract the jet information. The best feature is that it shows the result in steps so that you can follow the same steps to solve a similar question. To solve the slope calculation, you can use this tool as a slope equation calculator that uses a point of a straight line and a slope to determine the slope of the line. You can use the slope formula calculator for free to perform the unlimited calculations. 

Maple Calculator: Math Helper:

The maple calculator is free to use & a powerful math calculation app that displays the answer in 2 -D & 3 -D graphs. This calculator also displays the stepwise calculation for the problem you want to solve. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it an easy-to-use app that anyone can use. With this calculator, you can solve algebraic, calculus, linear algebra, precalculus, and different equations for free. The maple calculator also works like the slope equation calculator, which helps you write the slope equation calculator. In addition, you use your mobile camera to enter the math problems into the slope formula calculator. 


Wolfram Alpha math calculation tool is a powerful math calculation app that comes with an aim to make the systematic knowledge quickly computable & accessible to everyone capable. The Wolfram Alpha app gives information about human anatomy, neuroscience, molecular biology, genomics, and individual animals & plants. You can also solve mathematical problems related to chemistry, engineering, computational science, and other domains.

Microsoft Math Solver:

Microsoft math calculation app uses the advanced AL for solving a variety of different math calculations without any hassle. The math solver app by Microsoft is quite simple and provides the users with three ways through which you can insert the new math questions or equations. You can enter an equation by utilizing the built-in calculator similar interface. You just need to click on the image of the problem, or you can also write the equation in your hand. Instead of using this tool to solve the slope, you can consider using the slope from a two points calculator.

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