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How to properly put an electronic signature 

Electronic signature is a wide range of methods for signing and authenticating digital documents. An electronic signature is used to mark a digital document and must be logically associated not only with the document, but also with the person who signed it.

Options for using an electronic signature

The number of businesses and organizations using electronic signature continues to grow steadily. Nowadays, e-signature can be used to certify any of the following documents:

●      sales proposals;

●      non-disclosure agreements;

●      leasing agreements;

●      purchase contracts;

●      contracts of employment;

●      tax documentation;

●      banking forms;

●      insurance documentation;

●      permission forms.


Almost any company, regardless of size and field of activity, can benefit from the introduction of electronic signatures.

 How to certify a document with an electronic signature

It is quite easy to sign a document with an electronic key file. Many programs have an interface for adding electronic signatures to any virtual document. All you have to do is upload your key file to the service, enter your password, and indicate the structure by which the e-signature was issued. The system will then process the cryptography. Any file up to 100 MB is suitable for signing.

Advantages of using an electronic signature 

Electronic signature provides many benefits to those who use it:

●      File security. Adding an electronic signature to a virtual document provides security for all parties that are involved.

●      Efficiency. It only takes a few minutes to put an electronic signature on documents using software. In addition, many software programs offer document management tools to improve functionality.

●      Legitimacy. Electronic signature algorithms are based on existing laws. In other words, all the documents containing e-signature are legally binding.

●      Practicality. Sending a letter with an electronic signature by email is much cheaper than sending a traditional letter.

 PandaDoc application – maximum compliance with the existing requirements

There are a lot of excellent platforms on today’s market of electronic signatures. Among the major players you will find Adobe Sign, PandaDoc, DocuSign, SignNow, HelloSign.

PandaDoc offers a good solution for e-signature that fully corresponds to regulations all over the world. This software has universal tools for virtual document automation that help teams accelerate the processes of creating, managing and signing electronic documents: commercial proposals, estimates, financial reports, contracts, emails.

PandaDoc provides secure and traceable electronic signature for every document created.

This software offers:

  • traceable digital signatures;
  • secure encryption;
  • evidence of signatures on completed documents;
  • compliance with PKI and digital signature standards;
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

With PandaDoc, you won’t have to worry about legal actions relating to electronic signature laws. Although users still need to create language that complies with legal regulations, PandaDoc provides excellent tools for generating encrypted, secure and legally compliant documents when it comes to electronic signature functions.

This program can also be used to securely collect electronic signatures from multiple parties. You can also take advantage of the Audit Trail feature, which allows you to keep a record of every document sent.

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