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Why Outsourced DPO is a Cost-Effective Solution to Maintaining Compliance

Before GDPR came into fruition in May 2018, the general assumption was that any business was compliant with the required data protection laws unless some form of non-compliance got highlighted through investigation or evidence. Very few businesses took the need for a GDPR representative very seriously.

Since the GDPR data privacy regulations came into circulation, it is now the role of the business to prove it is compliant with the necessary legislation.

This article will explain why using an outsourced DPO service could be the right choice for you and how the right service could be an excellent asset for your business. One of the many benefits is certainly the cost-effectiveness, but there are also many other factors to consider.

What is a Data Protection Officer?

A data protection officer, also known as a DPO, is in charge of ensuring a business’s data protection strategy is in line with GDPR legislation. The larger the business, the trickier the task can become, and sooner or later, businesses must create a job role specifically designed to handle GDPR.

The role of a DPO is to offer advice and work closely with the organisation to ensure it meets the current data privacy regulations. If any aspect of your business handles, stores, or processes customer data, it is a good idea to appoint a DPO to handle your compliance.

A DPO’s role can cover various responsibilities, depending on the needs of that particular business. These roles could include conducting audits, managing records, or even educating staff on GDPR regulations.

What is an Outsourced Data Protection Officer?

You would be surprised at how many businesses opt to outsource their DPO rather than hiring someone internally. Companies link up with businesses that employ a team of experts in privacy and security, who use their knowledge to help companies become data compliant.

Highly skilled outsourced DPOs can implement data strategies and train your staff on these subjects. It’s a fantastic way to work with industry experts and improve your business’s knowledge without paying a full-time salary.

It is quick and easy to outsource. You can be confident their experience and expertise in data protection will mean you are safe and compliant.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your DPO

Improve Your Cost-Efficiency

Firstly, one of the main benefits of outsourcing your DPO is the cost aspect. Every business leader will know that the hiring process tends to be extremely time-consuming and takes the attention of your staff away from other aspects of their job. If you are trying to hire internally, it can be very costly to train someone to meet your company’s policies and regulations.

Not to mention the fact that internal DPOs are hard to keep hold of. Due to their importance and unique role, they are constantly getting offered new opportunities across various industries. If your internal data protection officer leaves the business, you will find yourself right back at square one in the hiring process.

By opting for an outsourced DPO, you could save a lot of money in the long term, letting you work consistently with industry-specific experts.

Minimise Your Own Liability and Risks

Another benefit of working with an outsourced DPO is the minimisation of risk and liability. An internal DPO gains special protection against dismissal, whereas an external DPO will lower any risks or liability by offering clear recommendations and excellent support.

Any high-quality DPO service will offer liability cover, further reducing your anxiety in regard to risk.

Maximise Productivity

If you choose to appoint an internal DPO, they will have to constantly undergo further training regarding DPO niches to ensure their knowledge is always up to date. This cost will be considerable and will also take a lot of time to complete.

If you employ someone whose sole role is not to be a DPO but also to cover other responsibilities, all of this training is sure to detract from their other responsibilities. Therefore, their productivity is likely to drop significantly.

Hiring someone externally lets your other employees turn their attention to other pressing daily tasks.

Outsourced DPO: Take the Next Step for Your Business Today

Deciding to invest in your very own outsourced DPO can offer your business the infrastructure and confidence that you will be fully GDPR compliant and will not experience any repercussions.

The right DPO agency will help support you with your specific needs, train your staff on essential GDPR practices, and take a lot of stress and anxiety off your plate.

Working with customer data can be extremely complicated, and ensuring that privacy regulations are constantly getting followed can be a mammoth task without the right knowledge or experience.

Be sure to reach out if you would like to discuss how they can help your business today!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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