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A Quick Guide Explaining How To Create Personalised Football Cards

You are someone who wishes to personalize their own football cards? There is no doubt that there is no requirement to have an elite team at your side, to begin with. Anyone can make a football-themed card that looks and feels like those you have come on the internet or been able to find at your local retailer.

It is necessary to start by looking for attractive football card templates on the web to get created. If you locate a suitable template for your card, you need to do is have it printed as quickly as you can. Printing personalized football-themed cards using printer papers is different from the standard one. The reason is that the paper isn’t as thick for two-sided printing, and it may not align. If you’re looking for personalized football cards, what you would like them to look like, ensure that all essential elements are in the design.

Are you unfamiliar with the idea of creating personalized football cards? Continue reading this report to know the essential components to incorporate the card.

Checklist for custom football cards

The styles ofcustom football cards have evolved over the years. However, in terms of the components, there’s no significant difference. Here’s a list of what you’d want on your football player’s card to have. Take a look.


Name of a player: This is among the most important factors to incorporate into your customized football card. But, ensure that the name isn’t big enough, as it is difficult to read. According to experts, it is recommended that the person’s initials are required to be written in the lower right corner of the page. This is why it is essential to remember this before you begin. Beyond the player’s name, the following is his number.

The player’s number: The footballer’s number has a unique number displayed on their shirt. So, ensure that you add your player’s name to the personalized card with no ambiguity.

The position of the player: Every footballer has an allocated place. Therefore, when you create your own FIFA cards, ensure that you include the player’s work on the front of the card.

Player statistics: You could perform a variety of things to make your personal football card appear official. One way to accomplish the same thing is to put the primary information about players on the reverse face of your card. The card will not just display stats but also look informative and interesting.

Name of team: What team that you have a desire to play for? The number of times your team’s name is more important than the person’s name. Therefore, what to do? Reduce your team’s name, and then mention it on the front of the card for football. Furthermore, it is also possible to exaggerate the team’s name and add the group’s logo. The team logo can also help to make the card more transparent.


The football card maker’s website might be complex at first as it needs a lot of details to make high-quality cards. However, once you’ve got comfortable with it, it becomes easier. You can even make your own “free” cards with people’s names and images already included. With the football card maker, you can make your own FIFA cards to save cash printing costs rather than purchasing football cards in the future. If you’ve not created your own, we recommend beginning right away.

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Sam Allcock
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