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CoinSpot Fees Explained – Is CoinSpot Expensive?

In 2022, changes started and they affected the crypto market many currencies dropped to low prices, and users who invested lost a lot of money and that’s what started the collapse of the crypto market. over 100k crypto market users were forced to close their positions because of falling prices, for example, bitcoin dropped from over 100k to 28k or lower.

News on the crypto exchange:

Over the past 24 hours, cryptocurrencies liquidated margin positions of traders to the amount of more than $410 million according to CoinSpot Fees Summary by Coin Culture. Total transactions were forcibly closed by 102 thousand traders, the largest single liquidation occurred on the Okex in a pair with ETH and amounted to $2.9 million. 

The largest amount of losses during the day accounted for transactions with ETH – $68 million. BTC is in second place in the volume of liquidations ($54 million). Altcoin Solana is in third place ($2.8 million).

Traders’ losses were caused by a sharp market crash.  Ethereum renewed its low at $1,700. Bitcoin fell to $28,000 and the price of the Solana token dropped 8% to $44.

What do traders earn?

Cryptocurrencies on various platforms allow traders to earn additional income. This method of trading is called arbitrage, and its essence is to buy tokens to resell them at a higher price. Arbitrage appeared on stock and currency markets a long time ago. However, it is more difficult to trade according to this scheme on traditional exchanges, because the difference in quotations is very small. Cryptocurrency traders get more opportunities for this type of earnings due to significant fluctuations in the prices of exchanges for digital assets.

What schemes are used by traders?

The most popular type of arbitrage is automated inter-exchange arbitrage, with the help of bots. The robot independently analyzes hundreds of trading pairs on dozens of centralized and decentralized exchanges, transfers funds between exchanges, and places buy and sell orders.

NFT: the fall and rise of digital art:

Non-interchangeable tokens are gaining popularity because they can be anything – works of art, unique avatars, a Facebook data record, or even a piece of land in a metacommunications. But the NFT infrastructure – marketplaces, authoring tools, business models for communities, and data management systems – is still in its infancy. 

So in 2022, NFT infrastructure will be one of the most in-demand areas in terms of investment. For the meta-universe, NFT will be one of the main “building blocks”: we will need unique digital objects with real value there, so we will probably be willing to pay authors for digital goods that others will not have anymore. For example, we need this so that all avatars in the digital world are not the same – then it will be easier to avoid identity theft. Collectible avatars aside, total sales of digital art NFTs today are less than $2 billion. That is, NFTs still make up less than 1% of the physical art market. 

The authors compare NFT to bitcoin in 2013: that bubble “burst” in 2014 and the bitcoin exchange rate collapsed by 80%. It is possible that in 2022 the same thing will happen to non-interchangeable tokens. But if we continue the BTC analogy, this drop will mark a new rise for NFT over the next 10 years – even higher than before. Messari analysts are confident that the outcome will be positive because NFT’s potential is virtually unlimited.

Investing in cryptocurrency :

Crypto trading tends to be social and mimetic. This means that many small or not very experienced traders willingly invest in new projects supported by the largest and most successful investors in the industry. This is copy-trading – copying trades of another investor. That’s how you can start trading the stock markets, even without knowledge of how it all works. You can choose a “role model” on a special platform, using filters, or you can ask for help from the artificial intelligence Quantum AI, which analyzes the market and suggests the best deals. The crypto market has its rhythms. For example, if BTC is leading the way, then the alternative coin season is just around the corner. Some argue that the crypto trading narrative is as simple as two times two: “growth of BTC – growth of ETH – growth of altcoins.”


The cryptocurrency crisis has befallen new investors because today the crypto market has fallen several times due to political problems, and thanks to this many consumers realized that they can make good money right now because they believe that after a while the cryptocurrency will grow several times again. there are many projects where you can invest and multiply your capital by using your wit and catching a good moment to make money.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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