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Everything You Need To Know About Gold Coins

The Benefits: Why Buy Gold Coins?

Gold coins have high liquidity (especially in comparison to gold bullion). They are divisible and are therefore likely to be exchanged in smaller quantities. Furthermore, a gold coin will have a better chance of finding a potential buyer than an ingot, which will require a more significant investment from the buyer in question.

Namely: The quotations of gold coins on the exchange are not dependent solely on their weight in gold since a premium is added to this value. These premiums differ in the same way as the course and the price of gold by the interplay of supply and demand.

Gold Coins Are Easily Stored

Another reason investors favor gold coins over their competitors, gold bars, is their ease of storage. Gold coins are much easier to keep and do not require special storage costs unless the holder deposits them with a bank. Gold coins have other significant advantages for gold investors, especially those who want to put them on the exchange. In such an unstable and uncertain economic situation, it is more judicious to put gold coins on the stock market than gold bars to quickly benefit from a profit. If you have enough money to buy them, now is the perfect time to get them. Do not underestimate the value brought by a few carefully preserved gold coins during times of crisis.

Once these hard times have passed, these gold coins can be sold at an incredible value. It is also important to note that they will never lose weight no matter how long the gold coins are kept.

The Different Gold Coins

Napoleon: The “Star” Of The Coins

Napoleon remains the most “famous” coin. It represents the best safe bet for investors of all the existing gold coins. This is proof that most of the transactions carried out on gold coins concerned Napoleon in France. Napoleon designates any 20f gold coin produced between 1803 and 1914. The coin must be made of 90% pure gold and have a gold dosage of 6.45g. It is also called the Louis d’Or.

Napoleon Boursable?

Only the napoleons with the puppet “Coq Marianne” are pursuable, i.e., they benefit from a premium. Apart from the portraits of Napoleon I and Napoleon III, one can also find Napoleons with the effigy of Cérès or even Louis Philippe. Below are some examples of non-exchangeable coins.

Other Coins Represent Excellent Investment Vehicles

We could mention the Krugerrand, the Reichsmark, the 20 Swiss francs, the American Eagle, the Sovereign, Elisabeth II, the Maple leaf, the Vreneli, or even the 50 Pesos, which are also excellent investments, exceptionally if you choose to resell them on the foreign market.

The exchangeable coins are presented on our site – The official Organization for quotation stock market coins.

When purchasing, be sure to check the permeability of your coins. The sealed bag is given to you on a simple request and guarantees the pursuable quality of your coins. You can also check that the mentioned pursuable coin is written on your invoice.

The Ideal Investment With Lower Risk

The purchase and resale of gold coins are now considered the best ways to invest your money. Gold coins represent the most traded form of a yellow metal transaction by individuals worldwide. Gold bars (particularly their smaller version, bars) are gradually gaining notoriety and tend to reach equivalent volumes.

Whether an avid collector or a savvy investor, you cannot ignore the priceless value of a few preserved gold coins. The good news is that your coin will never lose its long-term weight, whether tomorrow or a decade from now. For more information, see the price of gold and the price of silver.

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Sam Allcock
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