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Interior Design Styles and Inspiration

Interior design can sometimes be extremely confusing- your style might not fit into any of the famous design styles, or you might not know how to label your style. This often leads to an inescapable struggle of trying and error- which can take up a large part of your budget and leave you with a design you don’t like, whether you are searching for glass shower screens for your bathroom, or a perfect fabric for your living room. We have come up with a comprehensive guide, free of particular ‘styles’, to help you design the home of your dreams!

Lighting and Paint

These two elements usually always go hand in hand. Let’s unravel these both individually and together! Starting, Lighting is usually put off as an after-thought in most novice designs, which has a huge (usually negative) impact on the entire design. Professional designers know that lighting can make or break their designs. Lighting is usually divided into two kinds- cool and warm. Usually, a mix of these two in different capacities can work for everyone. The general rule of thumb is that warm light is for relaxing and cooler lighting is for socialising. Based on this, you can choose which rooms will have what kind of light.

The second component, which is the colour or the paint, is a major factor in every design. The colour pallet of your room depends on the way your paint looks in the light you have selected. The light in the room can affect the colour and tone of your paint- which means your emerald green can end up looking forest green in some lights and a dark, move green in others. You must pick your lighting before you pick your colour! Before you decide on a final colour and light, order samples so you can experiment by mixing and matching these elements.


Layering is one of the most important things when it comes to ensuring that your design has visual depth. The best way to layer and add dept is by starting from the ground up. Decide on your floors first- do you want them to be hardwood floors, want to add rugs, or want end-to-end carpets? A tip here would be to go for more natural and neutral colours. They give you a lot of opportunities to add more elements. If you are unsure, you can go for hardwood floors and add rugs on them later, depending on your style. If you want to start with a rug that has an assortment of colours, you can use them to draw inspiration for the colours you will add around the room. The next thing you need to select is your furniture. This should ideally be selected before you select your paint for the room. This ensures you pick up furniture items that you like. When you decide to display your technology, you will need to check if it adds any depth to your room or not. One of the best ways to ensure that your TV is adding a layer to your room is by getting it wall mounted. This can be done by professionals. If you need more advice on wall mounting or how you should get it done, click here for Free Advice.

As you start building your home from the ground up, you will find that it is way more systematic and easier to do so!

Mood Boards

One of our suggestions to style your home would be by using mood boards- this makes the process easier and fun! Mood boards are visual presentations or collages that can be used when designing a room. You can collect pictures from different places- social media like Pinterest and Instagram, interior design magazines, or photographs you clicked- and put them together to create multiple mood boards. The next step would be to find the similarities between these mood boards- the colours, furniture designs, and décor pieces. This will help you understand a bit more about what you would like your rooms to look like. The rule of the thumb is to make at least 3 mood boards for each room and have at least one common element throughout each room- whether in the form of fabrics, colours or ornaments. This will make the room design look more cohesive and a part of each other!

You can assemble the essence of your dream retreat by meticulously compiling a bedroom mood board that captures your style, blending colors, textures, and inspirations for a personalized haven of tranquility. Transform your bedroom oasis with the sleek and stylish Grey TV Beds, creating the perfect focal point for relaxation.

Your mood boards can also be inspired by your wardrobe. By taking a look at the kind of style you prefer on yourself every day, you can easily tell the kind of elements you will prefer in your interior design. For example, if you have a more classic style that doesn’t change a lot, it probably means that you prefer timeless styles over trendy ones. Similarly, if you usually go for minimal, and neutral accessories, then it probably means that you prefer minimalism over maximalism.

Once you have figured out the basics of what kind of colours and styles you like, it is only a matter of layering everything together to make your masterpiece!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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