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The perfect strategy to earn more money 

We are unconsciously driven towards finding new ways to make money, to increase the liquidity of our bank account as if it were a real reason to live. Some people, in their quest to earn more money, have even gone so far as to eliminate from their daily routine any activity that does not bring them money or at least does not allow them to gain immediate benefits, such as earning money. Those who want to earn money should not indulge in the frenzy of looking for new jobs, selling their most prized possessions, or following the dubious advice of some online guru, who promises them easy and secure earnings. These methods are wrong because they will only take away a lot of precious energy, leaving you with the same amount of money you had before. What you need is a strategy, a well-thought-out plan that gently and almost unconsciously leads you to increase your earnings, as if it were a natural process. Many people believe that in order to earn more money, you need to perform grandiose and shocking actions, such as looking for a well-paying job or selling a car, a flat, or any of the material possessions that can get you money quickly. But in order to earn more money, you must first work on your mind, on your perception of reality. Wealth, after all, is a state of mind. You must train your brain and your mind to think like a millionaire, eliminating all those uncertainties and doubts that are only obstacles to increasing your wealth. With a few simple steps and a winning strategy, you can immediately move towards a future in which you will not have any money problems, indeed, towards a future in which the money at your disposal will even seem too much.

Identify your goal

Before you start devising a strategy to earn more money, you must have your goal clearly in mind. The end goal may be to double or triple your current earnings, or to obtain a certain amount of money in a certain period of time. Give yourself clear, measurable goals and write them down somewhere, even simply on a piece of paper. ‘Make more money’ is too general a goal to be taken seriously.

Now is the time to take action. The first step is of a purely analytical nature: take another piece of paper and list your daily activities. From this list, you can immediately identify all those that enable you to earn money, and also those that are unproductive. If the former is in the minority, it means that it is time to change something. If your goal is to increase your earnings, there will have to be many more daily activities for this purpose.

Monetise your knowledge

Some people are unaware that they already have the means and knowledge to earn more money: in the era of social media and platforms for content creators, everyone can make their knowledge in a specific field available and monetise it, perhaps by creating courses, lessons or guides to support beginners in a specific professional field.

To accustom your mind to a wealthy lifestyle, you should also read a few books on wealth, on the lifestyle of wealthy people, thus starting to familiarise yourself with a state of mind that, with a bit of luck, could soon become yours too.

Diversification is also a good way to earn more money. Your income does not necessarily have to come from a single source. Download the eBay app and start selling all those small items that you no longer need. By devoting some time to this activity on a daily basis, you will certainly be able to turn it into an additional source of income.

A winning strategic approach has also been successfully employed by some online gambling portals. Within these platforms, each user can find guides that explain in detail the best strategies for placing their bets online, starting with the choice of the best site on which to place their bets. These guides have been compiled by the site’s team of experts, all professionals in the field, who have also carefully selected each individual betting site based on its online reputation and its punctuality in delivering winnings. The assortment of betting sites offered by these portals, also, for this reason, is, therefore, a guarantee of absolute security.

Once you understand that wealth is a state of mind, everything else will follow. You will get used to considering money as a mere concretisation of a number, nothing more.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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