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Best towns and villages in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country, landlocked in the centre of Western Europe. A collision of cultures and languages, as well as a long history, define the uniqueness of their traditions.

Fairytale castles and ruins witness of the time passing for centuries are some of the wonders we are about to discover. We cannot fail to mention the gorgeous countryside, spotted with lush forests and deep green valleys drawn by swirly rivers.

Today we are going to tell you about the best towns and villages in Luxembourg. We are choosing based on how interesting these towns are, considering their history, architecture, the tourist attractions they have to offer, as well as their natural environment.


No surprise this town is on our list. Vianden is easy to visit from the City of Luxembourg, and it’s truly one of the most beautiful towns in the country. And yes, much of that is due to the impressive castle that looms over the town.

Records show that the castle dates back to the 10th century, and recent restoration works have left it immaculate, and a must-see today.

Narrow streets and colorful houses are defined against the greenest forest you will ever see.


Another town that could not be missed from our list. This town doesn’t only have a beautiful castle right in the centre, but also there is a monastery overlooking the town.

Clervaux is one of those cases where the whole town becomes a museum of sorts. A walk around discovering the small patisserie shops, history is in the air of this small town.

Clervaux was also the site of the Battle of Clervaux in 1944 and the struggles of the 20th century are still evident, some in an exhibition in the main castle.


One of our favourite towns in Luxembourg, Esch-Sur-Sûre is one of the best towns to visit, and if you only have a few days in Luxembourg, you cannot miss it.

This village feels like it’s frozen in time, with the ruins of a fortified castle positioned strategically on top of the rocky wall. With a population of less than 500 people, this town is as charming as historically relevant.


Ettelbrück is one of the largest cities in Luxembourg, however that means that population is still below 10.000 people.

Located deep in a valley surrounded by rocky hills and forests, it’s a great town for a walk around enjoying the combination of history and nature, and the beautifully landscaped town.

Ettelbrück is famous for being a base for visitors going to Berg Castle, but also thanks to the General Patton Museum, a detailed and interesting path towards the role of Luxembourg during the Second World War.

How to get to the best towns and villages in Luxembourg

Getting around Luxembourg is easy.

If you arrive by air, there are taxis and buses to get you into the City of Luxembourg. But, a much better option, especially if you’re planning to visit any of these towns, is to choose a smart service like door2gate that will take you straight to your accommodation and back to the airport without having to worry about public transport availability or expensive taxi rides.

Door2gate has vans that will pick you up at your accommodation and take you to the airport at a very affordable price, since the ride is shared, from anywhere in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Luxembourg has an extensive public transport system connecting all the towns we mentioned. Most services depart from the City of Luxembourg, but there are also options like carpooling and even cycling.

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