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How to Prepare Your Office for a Quicker Removal

Relocating your office is a complex process, especially moving a large-scale commercial business. Not only do you have bulky furniture and expensive equipment to move, but there is also your staff and clients to think about. So, how can you prepare your business for an office relocation to make the moving process quick and effortless? Here, we reveal our top tips on how to prepare for an office move for quicker removal.

Prepare your staff members well in advance

Ensure your team is informed of your upcoming move at least several weeks before your move date, if possible. This will give them plenty of time to start organising their new commute. Plus, you’ll be able to discover which staff members are able to become part of your moving team.

Consider using a professional moving service

Professional moving companies like Removals and Storage Experts can make your office move much easier. They understand how to move large and bulky furniture without causing any damage. Additionally, they have the tools needed to make your move a smooth process. Professional movers can lift expensive equipment to your new office location, as well as pack and unpack your office furniture and items.

Select a moving project manager

Having one person in charge of the moving team makes it much easier to organise the whole move. Every staff member can have an appointed role and designated tasks, whether that’s helping with the packing process or moving important documents.

Create an inventory list

It’s essential to keep track of your office items, especially if you have important and confidential information at risk. Making an inventory helps you to track any missing or misplaced items. Create a digital inventory with an online backup version. 

Plan your new office space

Make sure you visit your new office premises to create a floor plan. The last thing you need to deal with on moving day is problems with your office furniture not fitting into your new space. Take measurements and make note of any alterations or repairs which are required. If you want to decorate your new premises you may need to hire professional decorators or painters a few weeks before you relocate to ensure your new office is ready for your arrival.

Inform your landlord

You can reduce your moving costs by choosing a moving date which gives you enough time to move your office items and have the premises cleaned. Ensure you inform your landlord of your moving date, as well as your suppliers and clients. You should either send your new address via email or post. Also, update your website to reflect your new details.

Organise your office items

Before you pack your desks and chairs, documents, electrical equipment and more, have a thorough declutter to get rid of any rubbish or items you don’t need. This will reduce the amount you need to move, saving you time and money. Sort your items into three piles: keep, donate and throw away. Ask all your office staff to declutter their desks, removing any unnecessary junk.

Label all your boxes

When packing your office items, make sure you label every box, so you know where everything is. It’s also a good idea to colour code each box too. You can use colours that are associated with each department as this will enable you to easily place items in the right area at your new location.

Clear your old office

Once your relocation is complete, go back to your old office to clear any remaining rubbish. Professional cleaning services which specialise in commercial cleaning will be able to give the office a deep clean. This is always a good idea as a dirty workplace could affect your tenancy deposit. Additionally, make any needed repairs, particularly if there is visual damage that requires rectifying.

Use our handy tips to prepare your business for office relocation

Now you know how to prepare for an office move effectively, you can use our helpful tips to make relocating your office a quicker and smoother moving process. Remember to prepare your team members well in advance of your moving day. The more preparation you do, the easier your office relocation will be. You can even make a checklist featuring our tips to help guide you through the office moving process!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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