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PR: Bahrain Leads the World’s Mobile Internet Adoption With a User Penetration Rate of 97.87%

According to a StockApps data analysis, Bahrain is leading the world in mobile internet user penetration. The site has presented data showing that Bahrain has a 97.87% mobile internet penetration rate, which is the largest globally. 

“The Bahraini government has been investing heavily in infrastructure and technology, which has made it easier for people to get online,” says StockApps’ financial expert Edith Reads. She adds, “The country has an expansive National Broadband Network enabling the provision of affordable high-speed broadband internet services to people and business alike.”

Countries Leading In Mobile Internet Penetration

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the world’s second highest mobile internet penetration rate.  95.86% of the UAE’s population uses this resource for their online activity. 

Similarly, Kuwait is a small country with a big appetite for mobile internet. It ranks third globally in terms of mobile internet usage. Like the other two, it has an extensive mobile internet infrastructure.

G7 Nations are Lagging in Adoption

The G7 nations are lagging in their internet penetration rates. Of the top ten countries in the world, only three are G7 members. With a 93.59% penetration rate, Canada was the best place in the sixth position. Japan (8th) has a penetration of 92.68%, while the UK (10th) has 92.26% penetration.

The US Ranks 44th in Mobile Internet Penetration

The U.S ranks surprisingly low in terms of mobile internet penetration. At 84.37%, it ranks a disappointing 44th out of all the countries in the world. This low ranking is partly due to the US’s high cost of mobile data. 

According to a recent study, the average price of mobile data in the US is nearly twice as high as the OECD average. Whereas Americans pay an average of $61.07 for monthly broadband access, the average for the OECD countries is $37.78.

In addition, the US has large areas of rural territory where mobile coverage is spotty at best.  The full story and statistics can be found here: Bahrain Leads the World’s Mobile Internet Adoption With a User Penetration Rate of 97.87%

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