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The cost of a good night’s sleep has DOUBLED in the past year

It’s no secret that the price of electricity has gone up in the past year, but a new campaign launch from Mattressman has revealed that electricity has had, on average across the country, a 49.74% increase compared to 2021.

As part of their ‘Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep’ campaign, which looked at the cost Brits are happy to fork out on music overnight, keeping a fan on overnight and charging a phone overnight, Mattressman discovered where in the UK is most expensive for electric, how much the UK is spending on their daily, monthly and annual bills, and how much electric has gone up by.

The average cost for charging a mobile phone overnight costs £2.10 per year, compared to £1.40 in 2021. This takes into account the average charge time of these phones, and the remaining time being on idle-mode.

However, the average sized-fan now costs £8.78 per year when used for three months of the year (summer) overnight, compared to £5.86 in 2021.

As for speakers for the likes of white noise and bedtime music, it used to cost £3.51 in 2021 to listen to music overnight, while new figures show the average speaker now costs £5.37 annually.

However, while these figures may not sound huge, the campaign revealed that the UK as a whole is spending over £760m each year on the three above factors; fan, a speaker and charging a phone.

The campaign was created with the idea that people will think again about charging their iPhone overnight, or playing “HOME” by BTS before bed (recently revealed as the world’s most popular sleep song) or whether that fan is really a necessity.

The data also shows that the cost of a good night’s sleep is different depending on which part of the UK you’re from. London has the most expensive electricity bill, while the North East is the cheapest.

Louis Kerry, Marketing Manager from Mattressman, says:

“While some of these amounts don’t equate to actually that much for a full year of usage, the jump compared to just last year is extortionate. We’ve all seen the panicky headlines in the news that we may try and brush off, but when the data is displayed in front of you like this, it’s quite worrying.

I was surprised, however, to see that charging my phone doesn’t actually use much in the year. Thanks to newer phones, they know to go to standby when they’ve reached their full charge, which is very helpful for our electricity bill!”

A survey of 3282 people, also by Mattressman, also revealed that 85% of Brits are worried about the rising energy costs.

However, the survey also revealed that 51% of Brits also leave household items on standby when not in use, a big factor in a household’s annual energy bill.

Majority of people won’t turn off their Playstation by the wall, or even their TV, but these small changes can really contribute to extra pennies in a bank account.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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