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Visiting a new country for vacation and exploration can be an exciting experience. There is no better joy than meeting new people, new buildings, culture, food, music, etc. However, before you go on this exploration spree, you must be well versed in the local culture and laws.

Understanding the foundations is critical. It helps you behave in a socially acceptable manner and guides your etiquette in a foreign land.

  • Dress modestly

Dubai is more liberal than its neighbors and allows its citizens and visitors to wear whatever they want. However, in places like mosques, you must adhere to the prescribed clothing etiquette.

While praying or visiting the mosque, they expect women to cover themselves, and men must be moderately dressed. Apart from this, you must dress decently while in public. The UAE is a Muslim country governed by Sharia law. As a result, their rules and norms are still highly prevalent.

The only concern should be that your clothes should not be too tight, transparent, or revealing.

  • PDA is not allowed.

As mentioned above, the United Arab Emirates follows Sharia law. Therefore, the law, Therefore, PDA is unacceptable and strictly prohibited. You can get arrested for kissing or getting too intimate in public. Tourists were arrested in Dubi on multiple occasions for public displays of affection. 

You are not even allowed to hold hands in public. It might seem strange to you, but every country has its own set of rules that you must respect as a tourist.

If you are checking into a hotel, you might face a problem sharing the same room if you are unmarried. 

Following these rules, same-sex couples are also not allowed. Therefore, avoid showing affection in public.

  • It can get hot

Dubai is a Gulf country, and it can get extremely hot. Some videos released by Dubai Dubai locals in the summer of 2022 showed the paint on cars melting under the scorching heat.

Even if you go during the winter, the sun can get cruel at times. Therefore, you must adjust your clothes accordingly. You can put on shrugs or scarves to avoid skin burns, and always carry your best sunscreen to avoid tan lines and rashes.

Apart from this, if you are someone who cannot tolerate so much heat, I would not suggest you visit Dubai.

Make sure you are always hydrated and keep eating. Make sure you are always hydrated and keep eating. An empty stomach and thirsty throat can make you very ill and spoil your vacation plans.

  • Do not miss Old Dubai

Whenever we think of Dubai, we imagine the tall buildings, Burj Khalifa, the museum, the museum of the future, The Dubai frame, etc., but there is more to Dubai. While these architectural marvels are stunning, you must not miss the old Dubai.

It has preserved the old-style homes and shops that sell traditional wares, traders, and artisans who sit with their handicrafts.

You can head to Al Seef in Dubai. From Creek to Creek to relive old Dubai.

You will find Dubai’s cultural elements filled in every corner. There is food, music, and culture all in one place.

  • Be Careful While Clicking Pictures

All Gulf nations have strict rules when it comes to safety and security. Therefore, you must not click images of buildings with strategic, diplomatic, or diplomatic significance.

It includes military facilities, including military offices, parliament buildings, banks, etc. images of popular tourist attractions that are overly detailed.

Until you are in a crowded place, you cannot capture any stranger without their consent. This rule has become even more strict for women. You cannot click any unknown woman with your camera.

All this will amount to a punishable offense. Therefore, it is critical to be cautious from the start. 

  • Visit Between November and March

All of us are aware of the hot temperatures of Gulf countries. This heat can get drastic if you are not used to temperatures as high as sixty degrees Celsius.

In such weather, it can be difficult to enjoy Dubai and all it has to offer. Therefore, the best time to visit is when Dubai experiences winter. As a result, you must schedule your vacation between November and March. You get clear blue skies, pleasant weather, and comfortable temperatures.

The well-known Dubai shopping festival is held in January and February. As a result, you can enjoy it too.

  • Take caution when consuming alcohol.

Dubai has a strict policy against drinking. You are not permitted to drink and drive or prepare to be severely penalized by the government. Their laws for drinking and driving are non-negotiable.

You are also not permitted to consume alcohol in public. Buying alcohol from a local shop and sipping it in the park is strictly prohibited.

However, Dubai is not a dry city. You can enjoy the wines, beers, and whiskies in the bar. You can order whatever you want, whenever you want, and enjoy it at the bar. To purchase alcohol, you must be 21 years old and have a valid ID.

  • Research for Accommodation

Dubai has a long list of fancy and extravagant hotels and resorts. There are innumerable luxury and mid-range mid-range beach resorts and other hotels. However, don’t be swayed by the luxuries. Book your hotels after doing your homework.

If you wish, you can ditch the hotels and resorts in favor of Airbnbs. Dubai is a very safe city, and the chances of crime or fraud are low. As a result, you can try Airbnb here.

Choose accommodation near the city center to avoid paying high taxi fees and save time commuting. Therefore, you must plan your itinerary.

  • Respect the law

When you visit another country to travel, explore, and learn, they will make sure to give you the best treatment and respect. 

You must respect the local culture, traditions, and customs.

Do not try to change their values and beliefs.

For example, referring to is unacceptable in Dubai, and so on is referring to religious slurs. It might be acceptable in one state, but it’s not acceptable here. You must be careful with your jokes and etiquette.


It is always a wise choice to understand the culture, norms, and rules of the place you are visiting. It helps avoid unnecessary hassles and makes your trip better.

In countries like the United Arab Emirates, the laws are strict. There is no lineage to tourists, outriders, or locals. Then you must read and understand everything about them.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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