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Kusto Group’s neighborhoods are built with quality of life in mind

“Well-being, safety, and environmental friendliness are the keys to a comfortable urban environment,” says Yerkin Tatishev. The founder of the private holding company Kusto Group refers to its new residential development in Kazakhstan.

As part of Yerkin Tatishev’s vision for a modern residential area, the firm is currently constructing a European-style neighborhood in Kazakhstan.

Koktobe City, the project is expected to be completed along the Almaty Eastern bypass road by 2023.

A full range of amenities will be located within the boundaries of Koktobe City, including four-story residential buildings, supermarkets, a school, sports facilities, gyms, kindergartens, pharmacies, and restaurants.

Kusto Group’s goal with Koktobe City is to develop a town that meets all families’ needs in their everyday lives. A city that caters to the resident’s necessities, thus saving them time since everything is nearby.

The infrastructure of many modern cities is often outdated. There are housing projects that do not permit social interaction of people, lack sports zones and do not separate traffic and pedestrians. Yerkin Tatishev continues and adds that these projects do not separate leisure and work. 

For infrastructure to be considered thoughtful, it must adhere to the basic principles. An individual should have an environment that is understandable, accessible and visible.

Yerkin Tatishev collects inspiration in Europe 

In building Koktobe City, Yerkin Tatishev stresses the importance of quality of life.

He and his team have drawn inspiration for the project from Germany and Finland, among other places.

Tatishev was inspired by the low-rise buildings, parks, and efficient infrastructure of German cities such as Düsseldorf, Munich and Berlin.

“All of these factors contribute to a comfortable living environment, and we wanted to recreate that here at least in part,” says Tatishev.

“Almaty stands out among Central Asian cities as the most European, free, and intellectual. We believe we have chosen the most appropriate construction direction by following the concept of a city for the people.”

All under one roof at Kusto Group

In Koktobe City, Kusto Group is committed to providing an inspiring and modern learning environment with various facilities.

Considering that, the school will have classrooms for activities such as drawing, playing instruments, singing, and participating in team sports.

Taking the children to swim, draw, or do music activities adds a lot of travel to every family’s commute today.

Bringing it all together under one roof seemed like the best idea.

As a result, we have separate buildings for preparatory and secondary schools and a sports and arts center. The latter comprises a 25-meter swimming pool, a multipurpose gym, music and choreography rooms, and pottery and sewing areas.

The Kusto Group prioritizes floor and wall coverings, light, and sound to improve the well-being of pupils at school.

An assembly hall and a pool will be constructed outside the school, both of which will be open to the public.

Thousands of traffic hours saved

Kusto Group recognizes that residents will occasionally have to leave Koktobe City despite its efforts to make it a family-friendly environment. Parents may need to leave to work, for example.

In addition to ensuring fresh air and mountain views, Koktobe City’s location was carefully chosen to save its residents’ time.

In Koktobe City, located in the eastern part of Almaty, residents can save up to 1,000 hours a year by driving the opposite way during rush hour and going against traffic.

Four stages are involved in the construction of Koktobe City. Stage four of the project has already begun. It is anticipated that the construction of the fourth and final stage will be completed in 2023.

Latest cutting-edge developments of the Kusto Group

During the past few years, Kusto Group’s real estate development subsidiary, Kusto Home, has built several residential complexes across Asia.

Vietnam’s Urban Green project, which should be completed and handed over to residents in 2024, is located outside of Ho Chi Minh City.

As a result of the Diamond Island project that was completed in 2018, the standard of luxury living has been redefined.

Diamond Island is located in Ho Chi Minh City as well.

Globally, the Kusto Group owns over 30 companies, including companies in the construction, energy, agriculture, and real estate sectors.

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