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Businesswoman Farnoush Farsiar’s testimony on building a women-lead business in Dubai

It doesn’t take an M.A in business to understand that the UAE is one of the best places for businesses in the world. Farnoush Farsiar, an experienced businesswoman in Dubai, explains how the UAE embraces businesses and, more importantly, businesswomen. 

Much was written regarding the UAE’s powerful governmental support for aspiring entrepreneurs and people in business like Farnoush Farsiar.

The advancements in countries like Dubai have been astronomical in the past few years. The government has put more of an emphasis on ensuring there will be a booming industry with or without covid. 

Even still, there’s an aspect of the UAE’s powerful economy that is not spoken about enough, says Farnoush Farsiar: the UAE’s business sector’s driving force for the past few years has been women. 

The UAE is an excellent place for entrepreneurs

Farnoush Farsiar sees Dubai as the best place to open a business for obvious reasons. While some European countries prioritize long-standing, big corporations, the UAE also promotes and encourages entrepreneurs and investors to set up shop in its confines. 

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Index, the UAE ranked number 1 globally as the world’s best place to start a business. That could be attributed to the government’s persistence in providing entrepreneurs with tools and excellent infrastructure.

Farsiar claims a prime example of their approach is shown through their handling of the post-covid-19 needs and obstacles. Dubai has demonstrated its commitment to business owners with high stimulus packages to assist different businesses. They also ensured they kept their citizens safe through extensive regulations and testing programs. That, plus Dubai’s swift approach to open borders to trade and tourists, has given its economy a stable ground.  

The covid 19 pandemic, being a new starting point, provided more insight for Farsiar on the UAE’s advantages. These advantages come to the surface through different outlets. If you look at the “tax-friendly” approach of the UAE, it’s hard to argue why investors are flying in.  

In addition, while in some EU countries, starting a business is a bureaucratic nightmare, the situation in Dubai is different, points out Farnoush Farsiar. In the UAE, there are plenty of professional incubators, and these incubators assist companies in their early stages and after they are founded.  

The UAE is also a place from the future. Almost quite literally. Its infrastructure for residents and business owners is constantly improving and shaping itself. The technological advancements nurtured by the government are a prime reason for business owners like Farsiar to come to the UAE. 

There are more and more women-owned businesses in Dubai, says Farnoush Farsiar

Women in business in the UAE have been one of the most significant driving forces in any business sector in developed countries. As Farnoush Farsiar testifies, the inclusion of more women-owned businesses has been a blessing for the economy of Dubai. If you examine the numbers, you can see why. Women comprise 70% of the region’s university graduates and 44% of the workforce.

Without the UAE’s regulations allowing women to partake and start businesses, the economy in places like Dubai would look astronomically different.  

With the UAE, and especially Dubai being all about the future, it is not surprising that they are promoting women in business. According to Farnoush Farsiar, the presence of more and more women in the business sector will significantly impact the industry in the coming years. Having more women starting businesses will open the business world to more modernity than before, guaranteeing the opening of Dubai to more international and global investors.

What’s most important about the subject of women in business is the discourse around it, says Farsiar. Having more female entrepreneurs leading the many forums around the inclusion of women in the sector has opened many doors. These doors will keep opening as long as the conversation around them keeps advancing.

As of today, women-business owners form 10% of the UAE’s private sector. Women also Hold 15% of the seats on the boards of chambers of commerce. There’s no place to deny the changing tides.

Farnoush Farsiar’s experience as a woman entrepreneur in Dubai

When asked about the nature of Dubai as a place that nurtures entrepreneurs, Farnoush Farsiar was quite clear. Dubai is a very entrepreneurial environment. Meaning both the residents and the government are doing everything in their power to promote that agenda.

For Farsiar, gender doesn’t and shouldn’t play a role in the business sector. It doesn’t matter who you are as long as you’re willing to work hard, believe in yourself, and have passion for what you do. However, Farnoush Farsiar thinks it is essential to keep pushing women to sectors identified with their male colleagues globally.

For this reason, there is a proactive female business community with many groups and networking events in Dubai. These groups act to enhance and echo the need for more female involvement in today’s business sector. They also provide women with the tools needed to “survive” the business world, whether when starting one or engaging in one. 

Farsiar is not blind to the gap in the opportunities given to men rather than women. But she still believes in her claim. To her, gender doesn’t matter in the UAE, as long as you are good at what you do. 

When push comes to shove in the business world, your gender identity plays a tiny part. People want to work in a prosperous environment, and achieving that does not depend on gender. 

Farnoush Farsiar echoes that, especially in Dubai, the interactions in the business industry are not based on issues of gender. Businesswomen receive the same professional consideration as businessmen, and the day-to-day interactions are based on professionalism, hard work, and commitment to your business ventures.

The government vigorously encourages women to join the business world. Normalizing women being a majority in business shows that the future is bright for women in Dubai. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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