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From Walking Greyhounds to Top 1% of Tipsters

James Blissett, considered top 1% internationally for frequently beating the bookies, tells how his career was exhilarated by his grandad who who teaching him tricks at only five years of age.

During these younger times, James often traveled on a Sunday alongside his grandfather to visit the greyhound kennels. They would always have a chat before the upcoming races whilst feeding the dogs and walking them prior to the events.

Every weekend thereafter, James would visit greyhound tracks in Wimbledon and Romford, where he was shown how to place bets on the pups. He loved drawing a circle around which dog he thought would win. 

Being so familiar with the greyhound racing scene and his grandad’s tips, he would often make the winning pick on a pre-race stat sheet with a pound bet punted on his behalf.

But thanks to his early start in gambling, he built on the determination that his grandad – who owned and bred greyhounds – had instilled in him. 

As he grew older, James met professional sports bettors from many different industries and his interest grew beyond dogs. Before he knew it, he was gambling on sports and earning an income.

At a time when Conor McGregor was taking the world by storm, mixed martial arts was beginning to grow more popular than ever before. James quickly fell in love with the sport and had soon forgotten about anything else. He began training in martial arts not long after. 

In 2015, he couldn’t resist any longer and placed his first bet on the fights. 

Four years later he launched his handicapping service, Lucrative MMA where he helps people understand the fundamentals of sports betting, how to make money from betting on MMA, as well as teaching people how to avoid costly mistakes.

Today, James is a world-class all-around bettor, proven by his impressive stats. His results are third-party tracked on the most reputable MMA bet tracking website in the world. 

He is currently in profit on every single type of bet, odds range, and weight class across all combat sports organizations (PFL, Bellator, and UFC).

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