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How Does PIM Workflow Promote Efficiency and Collaboration in Business

PIM workflow positively impacts the productivity, irrespective of its size or years of experience. Businesses require constant innovation and productivity assessment to be able to maintain growth. Even with the growth of the business in terms of products sold, or employees added to the payroll, getting certain tasks done might only get harder. Luckily, there’s a simple solution. By utilizing the two-in-one system in your business, you are able to better organize data, and manage your business’ workflow efficiently.

What is workflow? 

Workflow refers to software that helps in the designation of tasks through a process that includes alerting all team members to the presence of a task that requires immediate attention. After a worker completes a task, the workflow registers it as complete. This gives way for other tasks to be completed. The basic aspects of a workflow include efficiency, automation, and productivity. Every team member has access to see the tasks that have been completed and the ones yet to be completed so they are motivated to get even more done.

In today’s business scene, technology has helped businesses run despite whatever lapses that may exist in the outside world. PIM workflow is a technology that takes only the best of both worlds in order to improve the level of cohesion of the various work processes. Normal operations are no longer slowed down as team members can now stay connected.

Here are 7 ways in which work quality and efficiency can be improved using product information management workflow.

  1. Workflow promotes collaboration

PIM workflow improves the ability of workers working from anywhere. Thanks to the internet, remote work is even possible. However, remote work isn’t just reserved for freelancers. According to the Global Workplace Analytics in 2005, the total number of remote workers employed by companies has increased by 173%. This percentage is only poised to increase even more in coming years. Workflow software makes collaboration despite the different working situations possible. And so, team members working remotely can also be effective as those in the office.

  • Workflow improves performance and trust

As a result of workflow software, trust between members of the company grows even more. Different companies employ the use of workflow software that best suits their needs. When it comes to team based projects, PIM workflow significantly improves overall performance

  • PIM workflow helps in breaking down present barriers

In dealing with disparate departments, PIM workflow helps in streamlining communication. Each department must be focused on achieving the same set of goals, despite their different responsibilities. Irrespective of your work location, whether it’s at home, or in a work cubicle, with PIM software there won’t be any difference in teamwork and communication.

  • Share content between team members both internally and externally

When dealing with product information, there’s usually a lot of data to shift through. Before there can be an agreement between manufacturers and suppliers on any product, there usually is a lot of data involved. From color, weight, material, units, color, to specification sheets. During this process, both internal and external employees must be involved in product selection. This is where PIM workflow software can come in handy. The workflow software can help team members have uninterrupted access thereby having a smooth process. With workflow, different parties are notified about what currently requires attention and what can wait. This way, workers respond in a very timely manner that is necessary for growth.

  • Workflow eliminates inaccuracies

Inaccurate data is perhaps one of the most destructive things to happen to any business. Most businesses record product returns due to the lack of sufficient information or inaccurate information available on that product. More than 64% of customers report returning a product due to the fact that its service did not match its product description.

  • Workflow improves productivity

In some cases, the vigor of team members and various departments in executing their work does not result in tasks being completed in time. After the completion of any task it is left for the manager or supervisor to assess the job done. This may take some time, resulting in a delay. During this delay, team members may be left with absolutely nothing to do while they await the next task. This not only improves inefficiency, but also may make employees uncomfortable waiting before they are given a new set of instructions. Instead, this software helps in reducing the amount of time a team member has to wait for his work to be reviewed and new instructions given.

  • Reduces time-consuming processes

As we previously said, time consuming processes are not only bad for business efficiency, but also for employee management. Businesses aim to get products to market sooner. To be able to do this, they will need to eliminate any time consuming process. This includes manual and time draining activities. This is usually the selling point of workflow software.

Irrespective of the size of growth trajectory of any business, there usually comes a time when an obstacle may reduce its exponential growth. When this happens, it may be particularly difficult to push products into the ever changing market, especially at the previous rate. The process of introducing newer products also becomes more difficult, and so companies must utilize workflow software if they intend to overcome these obstacles.

  • Create specialized processes for business workflow

While businesses usually employ general workflows in management, utilizing a specialized workflow is also a possibility. Usually, ecommerce businesses possess different projects that must be kept separate from each other. A PIM workflow ensures that this is done effectively, and so encourages efficiency in the workplace by using its specialized features.

  • Customize business workflow view

Workflow software that offers businesses with distinct view settings is necessary for that business efficiency. The visual nature of workflow can either promote or completely destroy a person’s ability to work efficiently. Every team member has a different preference from the herd. By being able to customize their workflow view, they are able to improve their efficiency by simply changing the visuals to suit their own preference.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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