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Low maintenance garden ideas

If you’re not into gardening and have no patience for weeding, keep your eyes on this blog post. Your outdoor space is for relaxing in. That’s right, we’re talking minimal effort for a nice looking backyard.

Jobs that aren’t much fun and take up too much time include mowing the lawn, weeding the path and jetwashing the patio. But you can create extra chores for yourself by something as simple as planting the wrong flowers… you know, the ones that need constant attention.

The amount of time you want to spend on your garden should be considered when deciding on overall design.

Pick ever-living plants

Got to love a plant that just gets on with life. You know the ones that just bounce back whatever the weather.

Bamboo, ferns and ornamental grasses are great choices as they add structure, a cool design element and year round interest. All they need is a quick sift of dry foliage every now and again.

Another easy idea is to plant succulents in pots. Just use compost and make sure there are lots of little drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Pop them in the sunniest area of the garden and sit back. They do like to go indoors after the summer has ended. For a spot of colour or fragrance, lavender is easy to grow and always a winner.

Reduce watering time

Choose the largest pots you can find and pop them in groups in the sun. Not only will they look attractive, they’ll be easy to tidy up and grow in one place. Another benefit to this simple low maintenance garden idea is that there’s only so much growing plants can do in a pot, which means less pruning. Hooray!

Choose flags

Harder landscaping is always a winner when it comes to taking care of your garden. Flags are far less work than decking. You can get some paving products which look like natural stone but are stain resistant which means they need less cleaning.

Effortless evergreens

Another easy to look after plant with staying power is viburnum, which delivers month after month – and it looks nice too. Some varieties offer glossy black berries in autumn and leaves that turn red.

Evergreens settle into any soil or position in your garden with minimal fuss. So sit back and relax and enjoy!

Less weeding

Dandelions and nettles are a pain in the backside. Cut down on time spent on them with some top tips. 

Avoid leaving patches of bare soil as weeds grow quickly. Plant as densely as you can with super spreaders like herbacious perennials so every inch of soil is covered and weeds don’t stand a chance. 

Pick slate or decorative chippings to cover any areas of bare soil that can quickly turn into weed beds that demand your attention. Try a heavy duty weed control fabric! It can be easily cut and fitted around existing planting.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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