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The current state of crypto regulations and how they affect other industries?

Cryptocurrencies have been in our lives for quite some time. However, there is no globally coordinated regulation, despite international organizations examining the dangers and potential policy responses to cryptos’ development.

So, how are thing going regarding crypto regulations and how they affect other industries?

Let’s dive in and find out.

Where do things stand now in crypto regulation?

Global central banks and authorities are watching crypto developments. China and El Salvador, for instance, have started analyzing and implementing regulatory measures to stabilize their monetary systems and stimulate innovation and economic progress.

These countries’ priorities align: prohibit unlawful financing, protect consumers, defend market integrity, and foster innovation. Yet, their methods vary.

Some nations, like India, have changed their laws, while others have proposed new ones. Another alternative, advocated by the EU and UAE, calls for new bodies to handle the industry holistically.

While territorial variances allow for jurisdictional arbitrage, they can also create uncertainty and higher regulatory costs for businesses. And inconsistent standards and terminology make this even worse.

Countries and international organizations must work together to create a worldwide coordinated plan employing best practices and lessons learned. And public-private partnerships are needed to develop technology-based, inclusive solutions.

What to expect in the direction of crypto regulations? 

A worldwide coordinated strategy for crypto-asset regulation will safeguard consumers and prevent illegal usage.

More than 80 organizations from various industries and regions are working toward this goal. The second phase of its research investigates how digital currencies affect the economy and how they should be regulated since people are still trying out cryptocurrencies, stable coins, and money issued by central banks.

But the interesting issue is, how can the mentioned state of crypto regulations affect other industries?

Let’s find out below.

How does the current state of crypto regulations affect other industries?

Digital currencies drive digitization. “NFTs” and “Blockchain” are new concepts, yet they’ve changed society precisely concerning payment methods. Many sectors, with crypto gambling among them, prefer digital payments.

What advantages does the digital payment have? 

They are easy to use and have become popular in many fields, including iGaming. Here’s why:

  • Depositing and withdrawing money is easy. 
  • Transparency makes transactions safe. 
  • Nobody can change transaction logs.

According to research, 40% of businesses use digital payments to handle financial transactions because of speed, cheaper terms, or cross-border access.

Global restrictions on new payment systems are irrelevant. Authorities realize there’s nothing that can stop development. 

No more paper-based payments! Crypto casinos like FortuneJack, and representatives of other industries are constantly working on new payment mechanisms to make their customers’ lives much easier and more convenient.

And there is no turning back! 


A worldwide road to crypto regulation may establish a comprehensive and integrated strategy. Governments and businesses can work together to speed up the process of regulating crypto while keeping its benefits.

In this regard, we may anticipate the trend of money digitization to continue, with new payment mechanisms benefiting in particular. And since digital currencies have clear benefits, like a safe, secure, and pleasant way to pay, businesses, especially those in the iGaming industry, will be eager to use the new technology in the future.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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