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The real cost of using an electric fan this summer

Families across the UK are once again sweltering in some unprecedented heat as health officials issues a warning of danger to life as temperatures reach 35C.

The Met Office said another heatwave is due from Friday with hot weather running into next week.

It’s the type of weather that has us all setting off for Aldi to buy an electric fan… if they haven’t already sold out.

But what does it actually cost to keep a fan on through the night if you just can’t get any relief?

Many worry that keeping one on all night will rack up those already-ramped up energy bills.

Cost of running a fan

According to Uswitch, a standard 120W pedestal fan costs about 34p to run per hour. Running it between 10pm and 8am would cost about 33 pence. Doing that for a week costs £2.35 – 75 pence more than last summer.

However, this is much cheaper to run than an air conditioning unit. A portable one can cost 28p per hour – or almost £20 if used every night of the week.

Keep your cool

Other ways to get cooler in the summer nights include sleeping near an open window and without covers, filling a hot water bottle with ice cold water and wearing lighter pyjamas.

One handy tip is to place bed sheets and pillows into the freezer ready for bedtime!

Energy prices

The latest prediction is the energy price cap will rise by 82% in October (to £3,582/year on typical use).

The energy price cap limits what firms can charge in England, Scotland and Wales for their default standard variable tariffs. It currently changes every six months – soon every three. More than 70% of homes are now on it – pretty much everyone who isn’t on a fix.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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