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Top ways to decorate your living room

If your living room serves as a gathering place for your family to unwind, it must be pleasant. As you will spend a lot of time here with your loved ones, it is crucial that the space seems warm and inviting while still being practical. We’ve put together a list of tips to make sure your living room is the ideal area for you to spend your time so that you may arrange it in a way that makes you feel at home.

Take measurements

You must be aware of the measurements before you begin looking for ways to decorate your living room. This will guarantee that you purchase furniture like couches, coffee tables, artwork, or carpets in the appropriate size. Because returning furniture is neither simple nor inexpensive, measuring things out in advance also saves you a lot of money. Additionally, by collecting measurements in advance, you may arrange where you want your furniture and other accents to go, giving you a general concept of how your area will appear. Before placing an order, this will let you make modifications.

Choose fabrics wisely

One of the most crucial aspects when thinking about how to decorate your living room is the texture. It not only provides your area with a layer of depth, but it also offers it character. When choosing textiles for your furniture, try to use contrasts. A leather couch, for instance, will seem purposefully different when combined with velvet or cotton armchairs or a couch, giving the room more character. It’s crucial to keep practicality in mind when you select your textiles. Think about your living circumstances: do you have infants, pets, or young children? If so, it is preferable to choose stains-resistant textiles. Select deeper hues as well. For instance, leather is stain-resistant while linen and velvet are not.

Make a plan

Making a plan in the form of a room board is the ideal tool for helping you choose the colours and schemes to decorate your living room. It’s impossible to make the right choices the first time you start decorating. You could find that your items don’t interact or function well together as you had intended. Your furniture may have some flaws, such as clashing colours that clash or too many pieces with the same design that make the room appear chaotic rather than balanced. Using mood boards is a quick and easy method to evaluate how your patterns and tones will contrast.

What purpose is your living room for and what your lifestyle is like

Before you begin designing, it’s also crucial to think about the function of your living room and how it will fit into your lifestyle. Decide first how you want to use your living room. Do you want it to be an extension of your bedroom where you can read and rest, or do you want it to be a place where everyone gathers to spend time together if you live alone? It is simpler to arrange your living space after you have determined its function.

Find your aesthetic

Sticking to one aesthetic while wanting to include components from many design styles may quickly become overwhelming given the wealth of information and trends available. While blending designs when you stick to two to three styles of work, if you use various designs from other aesthetics, it could seem chaotic (in a poor sense). Keep your design choices complimentary, such as modern and contemporary or minimalist and traditional. You are not required to keep to one theme as a result. To give yourself direction while decorating, all you need to do is decide on a design or colour plan. To further grasp your aesthetic, you can draw inspiration from your mood boards or from websites and applications like Pinterest and Instagram.

Find the focal point

Setting aside a focus point is crucial when deciding how to decorate your living room. As a result, the space will seem balanced. Typically, television may act as a simple focal point, especially if your living room is a place where you want to unwind. To make your space appear more organised and brighter, think about putting your television on the wall. By clicking here, you can hire pros to mount your TV on the wall. If you have good views, you may also use your windows as the main point. Your living area would benefit greatly from having a window that looks out onto a garden. As an alternative, you might pick a wall and construct a bookshelf or have patterned wallpaper that would serve as the ideal room’s centre point.

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Sam Allcock
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