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5 Advantages of Making a Will Online

Let’s face it; making a will can be a difficult task especially if you dread the thought of passing away some day. Luckily, with the help of an online will maker, the process can get a lot easier and less overwhelming.

There are many advantages of making a will online, including the fact that you can access your will from anywhere in the world, and that you can make changes to it at any time.

If you are interested in creating yours now, this quick guide explores five reasons you should go ahead with the process. Let’s dive in!

Online wills are easy to make and can be ready within hours

This is probably the biggest advantage of making a will online. It’s an easy and convenient way to ensure your wishes are carried out after you die.

All you need is a computer and internet access. There are no court appointments or legal paperwork required, and the entire process can be completed in just a few hours.

With online wills:

  • You can make yours anywhere, at any time; there’s no need to wait for a court appointment.
  • There is no need to leave home to take care of legal paperwork. Get yours done right on your computer or tablet, in minutes.
  • Your will stays confidential, so it won’t affect your loved ones’ feelings during difficult times.

You can add or change your mind about inheritances at any time

Not only can you make your will online quickly and easily, but there are also many other benefits touching on flexibility. For example, you can add or change your mind about inheritances at any time, without having to go through the probate process.

Also, because your will is online, it’s easy for family and friends to access and view. This can help reduce any potential conflict over inheritances.

Notarizing or witnessing a will is not always required

Online wills can be done without the help of witnesses or notaries depending on the state you are in or your current situation. For example, if you are 85 years old or less, you may qualify to do your will without witnesses. Also, if you do not have any close family members who can help witness your will, you can appoint an “administrator”, who is someone you trust, to witness your will on your behalf.

In some states, such as Florida, wills can be completed without the presence of witnesses or notaries. In other states, such as New York though, a will must be notarized in order to be valid.

Ultimately, whether or not you need witnesses or notaries depends on your state’s laws.

Cheaper than traditional wills

The cost of making a will can be significant. A traditional will, which must be notarized and registered with the state, can cost as much as $200. A will made online, however, can cost as little as $10. There are some good reasons for this.

First, the electronic will can be completed on a computer or smartphone. This means that you can do it anywhere, at any time, and you don’t have to travel to a lawyer’s office.

Second, many online wills service providers offer free initial consultations. This means that you can get help understanding your options and creating your will without paying anything up front.

Finally, many states now allow you to make your will online even if you’re not represented by a lawyer. This means you can save money by hiring a lawyer only if you need one.

Protect your family and loved ones

Making a will online is an easy and convenient way to protect your family and loved ones. With these wills, you can easily include all of the information that you would typically include in a will, such as who should receive your possessions and money, as well as memorialize your wishes for your loved ones.

Also, as we mentioned, you can also make changes to your will online at any time, which is convenient if you need to update your mind about something important.


Making a will online comes with many advantages that can make your life easier. For one, you can avoid the stress and hassle of visiting a courthouse in person. Also, it allows you to include specific instructions regarding your estate, which can be incredibly beneficial if there’s someone you want to exclude from receiving any of your assets.

If you are considering making a will but are unsure whether or not it is the right decision for you, we hope our article has made things a lot clearer for you. Good luck! 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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