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Affordable Ways of Shipping Internationally

People who were moving internationally during COVID-19 might have faced long customs waits, difficult paperwork, and the hassle of relocating their belongings. Airoluggage has made international moves much easier and cheaper for those who needed them.

In 2020, there was a total of 131 billion parcels shipped around the world. That is an increase of about 30 percent compared to 2019. The number of shipments increased by three times between 2011 to 2020. Shipping logistics became much more complicated in some countries and placed additional pressure on the companies responsible for shipping goods.

“The majority of people are used to sending a letter or package around the world but when we are shipping something larger or unusual in shape the options become limited, that’s where we come in,” says John Catterson, Founder of AiroLuggage.

There’s no surprise competition has increased in the courier service industry and as a result, seen a steady incline in the number of companies offering courier services. “Unfortunately a lot of shipping providers charge a premium for larger or unusual sized shipments. As they take up more space in transit. We make sure we find the most cost-effective solution for our customers. However, they don’t impact on quality we audit all our partners to reassure their package arrives safely and swiftly.” says Catterson.

AiroLuggage offers a wide range of services including tracking your luggage online, creating custom labels for your bags, offering discounted rates for shipping partners and much more. They also provide personalized customer service through their Live Luggage Tracker. Their partnership with major parcel carriers allows them to offer significant discounts to their customers and increase the visibility of their luggage in the shipping process.

John Catterson explains “The business success has just been exceptional customer service. We take all the hassle out of the shipping process and we do it at a price other shipping providers cannot compete with,”.

What constitutes “unusual” shipped items? Catterson continues “Some of our biggest discounts would be for items like bikes, golf clubs and furniture. Items that others might have considered selling before moving now can be shipped anywhere safely and securely”.

Depending on where they’re located, international shipping carriers provide services that suit their customers’ needs best. Airoluggage covers this part of their business and utilizes shipping software that enables them to search the process and the completion of their services.

According to the ITC survey, 93% of international shoppers won’t purchase something without knowing the total cost, including shipping and customs charges. A key component in today’s purchasing process.

To make travel easier, they’ve taken an innovative approach to transport your belongings. They understand that it can be frustrating to drag heavy bags through airport terminals and across continents. So rather than paying exorbitant shipping fees to send things, they’ve decided to take a cheaper alternative route. Its goal is to provide affordable and eco-friendly services to anyone who needs them.

The process itself as you can imagine is rather easy. It’s all based on the concept of ensuring you are hands-free throughout the whole experience. You visit the Airoluggage website. You input your personal details and get a quote and/or schedule an appointment for delivery. Whilst you wait you print and affix your tags to your suitcase and then collect them at your door. Airoluggage provides security wallets to hold the tags. The next stage is the collection of the baggage at your doorstep, whether it’s at your house, office or any other location convenient to you. This stage allows you to relax and keep tabs on your luggage whilst travelling without having to worry about queuing. Finally, on arrival, you’ll have your courier bring your luggage promptly and efficiently to wherever you need it.

This was all part of the master plan John Catterson says “As frequent flyers we actively sought simplicity in every aspect of the process. That’s why we try to take every tedious task in travelling in-house. We want our customers to enjoy their travelling experience and this service definitely relieves a lot of the stresses”.

What is impressive about the new setup is how much it saves you money. By reducing airfare costs, you’re also cutting down on carbon emissions. You’ll find that almost every airline offers discounts if you check baggage, so why not take full advantage? And, because your luggage will fit into one bag, you won’t have trouble finding space for it.

John concludes “Climate change has been under the spotlight throughout the last couple of years. The aviation industry though necessary has a noticeable impact on the planet. For our work to help the planet is what really keeps us motivated to push on and encourage travellers to be organised and know these steps can help the planet”.

Visit AiroLuggage to learn more about their service.

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