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Rising Trends for Pharmaceutical CDMOs in 2022

With the increasing trend of outsourcing CROs, CMOs and CDMOs have become an integral part of drug discovery, research, development and large-scale manufacture. CDMOs today face a market where trends are shifting and the landscape is altering. Some of the important trends for CDMOs shaping the whole pharmaceutical outsourcing market in 2022 are as follows:

  1. Sustainability Goals – Go Green:

The massive carbon footprint of the last decade has prompted the big-scale industry to maximize its efforts on sustainability. New initiatives like Green Deal by European Union have also influenced the industry to follow a path of environmental consciousness by balancing the social, industrial and ecological impacts of their actions. So, pharmaceutical companies are looking for partnerships that have advanced and balanced business and sustainability goals. It includes eco-friendly packaging, a carbon-free manufacturing facility, etc. CDMOs will have to realise their ecological responsibility and make sure to incorporate necessary changes in their facilities and equipment. From 2022 onwards, the CDMOs which are eco-friendly will surely set themselves above the others and it will not only make their business boom but also save the environment. 

  1. Collaborations:

Ever-increasing disease prevalence calls for new drug research and development. The increasing demand also put a strain on the finances. In such a market landscape, the partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs will have to be based on strong strategic collaboration. To cut costs, pharmaceutical industries are looking for CDMOs that are the best fit for themselves when it comes to product quality and efficiency, so they can focus on other niches of the industry. Furthermore, CDMOs are also forming partnerships among themselves to shorten the production time and share expensive technologies and machinery. This strategic collaboration among various corners of the pharmaceutical industry is only going to increase in the next few years. 

  1. Modern Technology:

Increasing digitization and introduction of artificial intelligence is another update that CDMOs will need to keep their end high in the trade. The technology is embedded in every aspect of the field from supply chain to production and management. The internal and external demands make it crucial for CDMOs to have all the latest technologies. It is a journey spanning years encompassing enhancements of our digital footprint. 

  1. Advanced Therapy Demands:

Advanced therapies like gene and cell therapies have a 14.9% CAGR in 2022 and they have proved to be the last stone for most pharmaceutical companies in giving up internal manufacturing facilities and seeking out outside partnerships that can provide the manufacturing units and technology required to make advanced therapies a commercial reality. CDMOs are a part of the supply chain when it comes to advanced therapies. Hence, CDMOs should make sure that they meet all the demands including forming a robust manufacturing system, developing analytical methods and improving the yield. 

  1. Increasing Complexity:

The increasing complexities in drug development have made pharmaceutical companies s look for CDMOs with better scientific expertise and the capability to apply knowledge to produce necessary results. A few examples include the development of complex monoclonal antibodies, spray dried dispersions and high potency drugs. In the coming year, CDMOs will have more demand than ever and it will be good for them if they are fully updated and ready to tackle the complex tasks that come their way.

a biologic CDMO

  1. Reinvestment:

To enter the top players of the game, CDMOs need to reinvest money in their own companies to make updates. To gain bigger profits, many CDMOs have put the customer and client demands and satisfaction in the backseat which will ultimately cost them big time. The CDMOs which are reinvesting in their company by bringing in new technology and satisfying customers are set up for success in the coming decade because of the rapidly changing industry landscape. 

  1. The Biologics Boom:

COVID-19 in 2020 made biologics very popular due to the rapid vaccine demands and innovations. In 2021 61 new biological health techs and 23 unicorn facilities were created. The size of the biologics market is only going to increase in 2022 and beyond. A biologic CDMO has complex tasks which require specialist equipment, aseptic processing and proper support and management. Many new biotechs cannot build the infrastructure required for discoveries; hence they need a biologics CDMO to perform this task. Biologic CDMOs are investing in new facilities to accommodate the new growth in the biological field. 

Take Away:

In 2022 and beyond, several challenges face CDMOs due to changing technological approaches and ever-increasing medication demand. The market is slowly and consistently equipping itself according to the necessary standards and demands. Let’s see what the future has in store!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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