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Seven Strategies For Making Smarter Crypto Investments

Are you an investor looking to add cryptocurrency to your portfolio? Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other alternative coins. Even though the crypto market has seen a bit of a slump from the start of this year, cryptocurrency has historically seen more instant profit-building than the stock market. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency carries risks that an investor should account for.

You need well-devised strategies when investing in digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, and bonds. Here are the essential strategies to fall back on when making your cryptocurrency investment decision!

Safe storage

Safe storage should be your priority when managing cryptocurrency. There are multiple ways to store your currency to keep it secure: Digital assets can be stored in either hot or cold storage. Hot is an online digital wallet. Cold is an offline wallet, meaning stored in a hard drive. According to expert advice, you should keep the greater chunk of your owned cryptocurrency in cold storage to eliminate the risk of hackers stealing it.

However, a usable amount should be available in a hot wallet as it is easier to make transactions quickly. The storage is used for short-term moves, and the long-term (roughly 80%) currency should be stored in cold storage.

Focus on liquidity

Liquidity is crucial when deciding how and what to invest in the crypto market. Liquidity means how swiftly your asset can be converted into cash without losing its value. Bitcoin is the most liquid cryptocurrency currently running in the market. Use a bitcoin converter to check the current market rates. The crypto market is fast-paced. Hence, traders need to move in and out of positions quickly.

Liquidity ensures the trader can enter or leave a trade at the required value. You need to make sure there is both supply and demand for the cryptocurrency for the traders to buy at the preferred prices and earn a profit when selling. When measuring cryptocurrency, it is helpful to focus on how much the cryptocurrency coin is sold and bought, measuring the trading volume, and even how interested others are in the asset.

Make a profit when you can

Crypto is for frequent gains. Rather than sitting there to think about whether the price will soar or sink, you should have a reasonable strategy to make profits frequently. People tend to hoard their cryptocurrency in the hopes of it going up further and further what they do not see is it can sink immediately. Define your getting in and out points in trading clearly and set goals for what you are trying to achieve.

Affordable investment

You should always invest as much as you can afford to lose. Just like traditional investment methods, the crypto market is a gamble. If you think you cannot handle the loss of your entire cryptocurrency investment, you cannot afford to invest in it. Calculate the risks of your portfolio and then consider what amount you can invest.

People tend to take up loans to invest and make more money, but you can never predict the outcome of an investment, especially an investment like the crypto market. It is better not to make a gamble like that, but rather make the investments with your existing savings, or you can dedicate a small portion of your income to your investment funds to make periodic investments throughout. This strategy entails you investing a fixed amount over some time instead of investing a high amount all at once. If you don’t have a stable income, it would be best to choose alternative options.

Learn to handle erratic change

The crypto market is known for over-the-night price hikes but is also infamous for its drops. The volatility in cryptocurrency prices is welcomed by traders who spend day and night following patterns and profit from the price swings. But for a long-term investor, constant change can be challenging to handle.

While the erratic prices can be seen as a huge risk attached to crypto investments, the daily changes can be seen as an opportunity to make gains. Before investing, you should always know your tolerance for taking risks as an investor. It is also vital to keep track of what’s happening in the crypto market by following the news, blockchain updates, and historical charts related to your cryptocurrency.


Depending solely on one thing is never a good idea, particularly where the crypto market is concerned. A safe method of minimizing the risk attached to crypto investments is diversifying your digital portfolio and investing in many different coins that look promising after sound research. Additionally, you can diversify by using various cryptocurrency exchanges as not all of them have the same assets in them. Diversification lets you invest in both speculative as well as stable assets.

Averaging investments

This strategy entails you investing a fixed amount over some time instead of investing a high amount all at once. Using this method, you can take advantage of the ever-changing crypto market. You can profit from the constant price swings alongside investing in the digital asset most suitable presently to maximize profit. It is a long-term strategy and helps you keep your investments in check, risk at a minimum, and gives the investor a chance to accumulate cryptocurrency at a lower price and correctly respond to hype.


Investing in cryptocurrency may seem complicated, but with the right strategy, you can always turn your cent into a dollar. To list all the strategies suggested above: lay importance on the liquidity of the cryptocurrency you invest in, find the right mix of storage to keep all your investment safe, follow the market patterns, and make a profit while you can instead of waiting around. Moreover, invest only what you can afford to lose, learn to make the best of the erratic changes in the crypto market, and diversify your investment. Lastly, follow an average principle when investing in cryptocurrency.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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