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Stay Organised and Increase Productivity With Telagus CRM

Beyond Customer Data Management

Customer management software is usually called the “backbone” of an organisation as a commoner term. So would the backbone of your business just be limited to the external operations and serve efficiently only for the customers and B2B clients and shareholders? If yes, that wouldn’t be an efficient and comprehensive solution. An extensive organisation would be wherein the internal and external operational flow are balanced. Employees are an asset to your company and vital for driving any business’s growth. Hence, maintaining healthy customer and client relations is essential for any organisation to function successfully, but you cannot simply neglect your employees in the same process. Therefore, better late than never, you need Telagus – the robust CRM platform to facilitate and nurture a strong and seamless work environment.

You may wonder, why Telagus CRM? How is a CRM software helpful and valuable enough to organise and oversee internal operations? Did you know that CRM software can do much more than manage customer relationships and streamline marketing campaigns and sales cycles? Yes, that’s true! CRM is one cloud-based software designed for all – sales, marketing, customers, clients and employees!

In the earlier days, Human Resource Management was limited to recruitment, training and ensuring that the employees were paid on time. Even today, HMRC focuses on these aspects, but the practices have evolved or digitalised into a much more integrated and cohesive system. Now, stress is laid upon ensuring a labour-saving employee journey by stimulating an efficient and qualitative working atmosphere.

Many companies are leveraging the tools and features offered by CRM to save money and time and incorporate it into human resource management. You must, too, if you want to gain a competitive advantage and reduce employee retention.

Telagus For Your Company’s Internal Affairs

Here’s how you can use Telagus to keep your internal affairs up-to-date and improve productivity during office hours!

  1. Time Management: Covid-19 has changed how we work, and fewer people are always bound to the four office walls. Your employee can work from home or anywhere globally and will not have to be tied down to the office. Hence, we make our best customer relationship management system – Telagus, available for you. With the help of a laptop and stable WiFi connection, your employees can “start” and “end” their office work, ensuring they have clocked in the working hours. Through Telagus, you can also take note of their other activities.
  2. Task Management: Often, a lot of time is utilised when you tell employees the current task. With the help of Telagus, you can avoid this inconvenience, create a project, and allocate the job to one or multiple team members. You can add comments related to any update on the project and share and download files too. As a manager, you would require updates on task progress and completion, which Telagus will highlight for each task, discouraging you from making calls or dropping emails for the status update.
  3. Employee Documentation: Maintaining a separate file and resume of each employee when you have a workforce of more than a hundred members could be tiresome and lengthy. Telagus allows you to document details of each staff member with log-in credentials and a profile with employee details. This way, you will quickly get information on the joining date, job role and designation of all your employees. Telagus also lets you know customised special occasions such as birthdays and the number of years they worked under with your company for all to celebrate!
  4. Recruitment: Not just data of existing employees, but you can take advantage of Telagus for recruitment by custom adding fields for potential candidates such as name, background, job role, previous experience and skills. This way, you will have all applicants’ reports under one tab for effortless yet organised assessments.
  5. Absence Management: How are you efficiently taking note of the festive leaves, regular leaves, emergency and sick leaves, half-days and which are paid or unpaid leaves? Noting these details on a notepad or excel for each employee could waste much of your essential time and effort. Why not allow Telagus to manage all of this? Our automated platform will swiftly calculate the total leaves allocated and how many are balanced and deducted accordingly.
  6. Payroll Management: Not paying employees on time or missing out on an employee on a crucial payday could negatively impact the morale of your employees and put your company in a bad place. Telagus’s robust CRM will ensure speedy and timely salary payment without errors and calculate bonuses and deductions whenever necessary.
  7. Scheduling: Telagus aids employees in being up-to-minute with their pending tasks and meetings. Set reminders and schedule your appointments, and our software will notify you!
  8. Systematic Performance: Telagus also helps employees to stay systematic, organised and professional by arranging all their pending tasks, leave allocation, customer project updates, invoices etc. Telagus also helps send bulk emails in one go to save time. Employees and teams can also communicate and hold vital discussions on the web portal.

Do you wish to grow your small business into a leading company? Find out how Telagus – The efficient CRM system can help!

Speed Up Operations With An Affordable Investment

After all the manifold and profitable benefits, Telagus offers, you should not waste a single moment investing in Telagus to simplify your inter-organisational matters today!

If you are stressed about the costs, you shouldn’t, Telagus has affordable prices. Their experts are available 24/7 to assist you and help you understand its features. You can book a free trial. If you want to buy a monthly or yearly subscription, you can look at low-cost quotes!

Trust us, investing in Telagus will ensure a robust and comprehensive solution, induce productivity and enhance your organisational framework to serve your clients!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcockhttps://www.abcmoney.co.uk
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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