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The Best Autumn Activities

Autumn can be a tricky one. Summer is officially over, Winter is near but not quite here yet, and everyone feels sort of stuck in between seasons. For some, Autumn is a highly favoured time of the year. The leaves begin to turn brown and pollute the streets (which can be extremely aesthetically pleasing), the darker nights come crashing in, and oh, the most important part of the season change, Starbucks brings back their Pumpkin Spice Latte. You cannot deny that nothing screams Autumn quite like a warm pumpkin-flavoured drink. However, many others feel lost. What to do now that the summer fun is out of the window? Well, you can rest assured that the fun does not end in summer. If you are struggling for ways to fill your time as the darker months approach, here are our recommendations for the best Autumn activities.

Have a Movie Marathon

If you have just finished having a crazy summer, now might just be the perfect time to relax. After all, saving money may just be your main priority at the moment. Why not throw a movie marathon into the mix? Inexpensive, yet extremely fun! If you have an account with a streaming service such as Netflix, Disney Plus, or Amazon Prime Video, then your options are endless. However, some timeless classics can also be found directly on live TV. Click here for TV aerial installations. Now relax, grab some snacks, and press play as your Autumn movie marathon commences.

Get Conkers Ready

When Autumn approaches, so do the conkers! Conkers typically ripen and fall to the ground during September – October and are the perfect way to occupy small children! Take them on a long walk/ adventure trail and allow them to collect as many conkers as they can. They can either keep them as a collection, use them for arts and crafts, or play with them in the traditional game of conkers. Simply attach your best conker to a string and attempt to annihilate your opponent!

Get Creative in the Kitchen

No matter whether you have kids or not, getting creative in the kitchen is one of the best Autumn activities that can be sure to keep you occupied for hours. There are many recipes online that are perfect for the Autumn months and after all the kitchen is the perfect location to shield yourself from harsh weather conditions. If you are not quite a Gordan Ramsay or Jamie Oliver, there are plenty of easier alternatives than starting from scratch. For example, if you are baking with the kids, many supermarkets offer baking kits with all of your already measured materials inside!

Prepare Yourself for Halloween

For many people, Autumn simply means Halloween, and we cannot blame them, this holiday is a personal favourite of ours. Pumpkins, scary costumes, trick or treating, and of course, the unique and creative decorations, Halloween is an exciting one. If you have young kids the holiday does not need to be as scary as it seems. Hosting a kid’s party, taking them around the block for tasty treats, and pumpkin picking and carving can truly get them in the spirit. Oh, and if you’re an adult, it can still be fun too! Scary old-school movies, decorating the home in an aesthetically pleasing yet spooky way, oh and getting drunk with your friends who are now unrecognisable are truly the best parts of this holiday for the older gen!

Take a Shopping Trip 

As Autumn tends to be a more chilled-out month for the vast majority, why not treat yourself and head out for some retail therapy? As many shopping centres are indoors, especially across the UK, this can be a perfect place to spend your free time. Shopping trips are also a great way to meet up with and spend time with family and friends and are the perfect weekend activity when you have nothing else on your agenda. After all, do you not need to update your fall wardrobe?

Look Out the Board Games

A day filled with board games is one of the best Autumn activities especially when it is too dull and damp to venture outside. Gather the family together, or invite a few friends over to revisit some of your old childhood favourites. Don’t knock it until you have tried it, a board game night can be perfect when the darker nights approach! The nostalgia will come rushing back and it can be a lot of fun! If you are a competitive individual, you will truly be in your element with this activity!

Start a cleaning Spree

Autumn can be the perfect time to start decluttering. Summer is over and you may now have more free time than ever! No holiday organising, keeping kids occupied, or tying all of your time up in the gym to get that well-sought-after summer-body figure. Dedicate your time to cleaning up your home. With Christmas fast approaching in the upcoming months, if you are a parent especially, you will want to make sure that your home has as much free space as possible for all of the incoming toys and gifts. Although decluttering and clearing out can be a daunting task, we can guarantee that it will be worth it in the long run! Trust us!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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