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DJ Jesse Neo Upgrades Gemtracks to Social

Musician and technology guru, DJ Jesse Neo, has recently upgraded his music-industry marketplace platform – Gemtracks – into a social networking website. Founded in 2016, Gemtracks has been one of the top platforms for new artists to purchase instrumental beats, hire professional musicians, book recording studios and promote their finished songs. However, the one thing that sets it apart from other marketplaces is that on Gemtracks, the buyer gets the full copyright of everything sold to them.

However, seeing changes to how users and artists respond to technology, Gemtracks is now officially a social networking website too for artists to not only produce and sell music, but also get feedback and meet other musicians from around the world.

“For years we’ve been helping musicians produce songs, but there have been times when it felt like we were missing something very important,” the DJ and computer scientist told us. “We all know the whole point of music is to get people together, and we somehow weren’t quite doing that on Gemtracks. So a few months ago, our team decided to let users exchange feedbacks on songs they’ve been working on, post status updates and now, let their fans have a say about the direction of their songs by becoming paid subscribers.”

Gemtracks currently boasts more than 20,000 visitors, and continues to grow today. It’s membership reaches far over 10,000, and contains users based from all over the world, including North America, Europe and even Africa. The website became popular during the pandemic when musicians worldwide were suddenly out of work and were looking for an alternative income source, mainly in the digital space.

For existing members, besides allowing them to share their work, they can now also get fixed recurring monthly income based on the number of paid subscribers they have. Producers can use these to release exclusive beats, loops and other musical assets that others won’t be able to access. There is also the option for the rights of these digital files be given to the subscriber as well.

When asked when these new changes will be finalised, Jesse was quick to respond: “They are already live and running on the website,” he replied. “If you haven’t created a Gemtracks account yet, I would strongly recommend you to sign up and start interacting with other musicians in our community.”

Besides being a community, Gemtracks also offers many educational resources and guides, including a section with royalty-free music and a blog with tutorials targeted at those new to the industry. This basically means anyone would be able to find good use with the website. We have seen the website and can confirm it is a great starting point for those hoping to make music their careers.

“We are so exited at how Gemtracks has been performing this year,” Jesse said. “We are only hoping to continue to improve its features to include as many musicians from around the world to encourage collaboration and interactions.”

Sam Allcock
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