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How homeopathy can help animals

The number of animal lovers who want to treat their pets gently and naturally for health problems is correspondingly high. More and more people are therefore turning to homeopathic treatment for their pets – as an alternative healing method to conventional medicine.

Effect of homeopathy in pets and farm animals.

Dogs, cats and birds, but also horses or reptiles can benefit from homeopathic treatment with pellets, tablets or drops. Especially for mild health problems, more and more veterinarians also recommend homeopathic remedies, which can gently alleviate the discomfort in pets and livestock. The advantage: globules& Co. arefreeofsideeffects.

For which animal health problems are homeopathic remedies used?

Homeopathic medicines are used not only for physical ailments or diseases of animals, but also for stress, inner restlessness and nervousness. Typical applications include diarrhea, nausea, kidney disease, inflammation, and anxiety and restlessness. But also age-related health problems such as osteoarthritis can be treated by the gentle healing method

What belongs in a homeopathic medicine cabinet for animals?

This should not be missing in an animal medicine cabinet:

  • Disposable gloves, so that you can protect yourself, e.g. in case of open wounds
  • Saline solution for cleaning wounds
  • Wound disinfecting solution to prevent infections with bacteria and viruses
  • Tweezers
  • Flashlight to detect the smallest injuries
  • Elastic bandages, wound dressings, scissors to protect open wounds
  • Arnica C200 globules for minor everyday injuries, strains or sprains
  • Zeel ad. us. vet tablets to alleviate arthritis or joint complaints
  • Engystolad ad. us. vet. tablets or drops for viral infections, e.g. colds, and against stress
  • Nux Vomica-Homaccord ad. us. vet. helps quickly with gastrointestinal complaints
  • All the above homeopathic remedies are available in online pharmacies for pets

Who can perform the homeopathic treatment?

For minor wounds or mild ailments, you can treat your animals well yourself. If you are unsure, contact an animal homeopath (veterinary practitioner specializing in animal homeopathy) in your area. If symptoms persist or worsen (fever, apathy, vomiting, etc.), the veterinarian should be consulted for advice. Homeopathy can also be used concomitantly in this case.

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Sam Allcock
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