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New Study: The Most Popular Growth Stocks in Europe

Growth stocks have been dominating the 21st century. Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet and Starbucks are just some companies that have seen huge percentage gains.  

According to NASDAQ, a growth stock is any share in a company that is expected to grow at a rate significantly higher than the average growth for the market. Their share prices, revenue or profits flow at faster rates than the market, meaning some investors choose growth stocks to earn profits from the rapid price appreciation they offer, rather than income from dividends (although this can equally go the other way and result in losses). 

However, what is the most popular growth stock in each country in Europe? Well, CMC Markets has revealed the answers by comparing monthly AHrefs search data, revealing the most searched for growth stock in each country. 

            Country         Most Googled Growth Stock         Searches (per month) 
        Albania     Facebook     2,200 
        Andorra     Google     50 
        Armenia     Google & Facebook     2,600 (each) 
        Austria     Google     22,000 
        Azerbaijan     Google     7,400 
        Belarus     Facebook     2,500 
        Belgium     Google     70,000 
        Bosnia and Herzegovina     Google     18,000 
        Bulgaria     Facebook     14,000 
        Croatia     Facebook     7,400 
        Cyprus     Google     14,000 
        Czechia     Facebook     9,500 
        Denmark     Google     28,000 
        Estonia     Google     5,100 
        Finland     Google     21,000 
        France     Google     86,000 
        Georgia     Google     5,800 
        Germany     Google     149,000 
        Greece     Facebook     25,000 
        Hungary     Google     23,000 
        Iceland     Google     1,300 
        Ireland     Google     11,000 
        Italy     Facebook     69,000 
        Kazakhstan     Facebook     11,000 
        Latvia     Facebook     6,600 
        Lithuania     Google     6,800 
        Luxembourg     Google     2,800 
        Malta     Google     1,300 
        Moldova     Facebook     2,900 
        Monaco     Google     20 
        Montenegro     Google     200 
        Netherlands     Google     122,000 
        North Macedonia     Facebook     2,800 
        Norway     Google     27,000 
        Poland     Google     46,000 
        Portugal     Facebook     17,000 
        Romania     Facebook     29,000 
        Russia     Google     33,000 
        San Marino     Facebook     40 
        Serbia     Facebook     15,000 
        Slovakia     Google     6,600 
        Slovenia     Facebook     6,600 
        Spain     Facebook     52,000 
        Sweden     Facebook     15,000 
        Switzerland     Google     64,000 
        Turkey     Google     115,000 
        Ukraine     Facebook     107,000 
        United Kingdom     Facebook     87,000 

Two growth stocks dominated the results, with Google and Facebook being the highest performers across all countries in Europe.  

27 European countries had Google as the most frequently searched growth stock, making it the most popular on the continent. The country with the highest number of searches per month goes to Germany, which is searching for Google stock 149,000 times per month.  

Other countries with high monthly searches for Google stock include the Netherlands, with 122,000 searches and Turkey with 115,000 searches a month.  

A total of 20 European countries have Facebook as the most frequently searched growth stock. The country with the highest number of searches per month is Ukraine, with 107,000 searches each month.  

Other countries with high search results for Facebook include the United Kingdom with 87,000 searches a month and Italy with 69,000. 

Armenia was the only country tying on both Google and Facebook, with 2,600 monthly searches each. 

Michael Hewson, Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets said: “Google and Facebook are dominating as the most popular growth stocks across Europe. Both of these companies have a huge influence on the market, and the media, which is why many Europeans are looking to invest in them.   

“We can see that countries such as the UK, Italy and Austria are producing thousands of searches each month for these two stocks.” 

The study was conducted by CMC Markets, a UK-based financial services company that offers online derivative trading such as spread betting and contracts for difference across world markets such as shares and foreign exchange. Click here to find out more.  


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Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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